Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cranberry Walnut Tart (Page 786)

  • Date: Monday, December 24, 2007 -- 4pm
  • Location: Fond Du Lac, WI
  • Kitchen: My Parents' Apartment
  • Dining Companions: Matty, Terry, Teri, Spencer, Marie, Jeff, Joe K, Sue K, Katie, Brian K, Amy, Ellie, Grandpa, Grandma, Julie, John, Anne, Joe, Alex A, June, etc...
  • Recipe Rating: B+

I made this cranberry walnut tart as one of the desserts for our Christmas Eve celebration. I made 7 recipes from The Book the day I made this tart, and this was the only one that gave me trouble. The crust for this tart was a pate sucree, which is tasty, but notoriously difficult to deal with. I rolled it out on a silicone baking sheet, yet it still stuck. I patched it into the tart pan, but it cracked in the oven. Further, in the time indicated for blind-baking, the crust got much darker than it should have. So before I poured my filling into the crust, the crust was already a little too brown with holes in it. I decided though that I would just plow ahead. So I poured in the cranberry walnut filling and put it in the oven. About ten minutes into the baking time I saw some smoke in the oven. The gooey filling had dripped through the holes in the crust, and then it dripped through the crack between the rim of the tart pan and its removable bottom. Then it dripped onto the bottom of the oven and started to burn. Not good. I tried to clean up the mess the best I could, and I put a baking sheet under the tart pan, hoping that the filling would start to set before it all dripped out. Eventually it did begin to set, but the tart had already lost a lot of filling.

All that said, the tart tasted good. It had the texture of a pecan pie (well, it would have been even more like pecan pie if less filling had leaked out), except with walnuts instead of pecans, and with some chopped cranberries mixed in. The cranberries were pretty, but I think I would have preferred just a plain walnut tart. For all the trouble that the crust gave me, it tasted very good. I liked this recipe, but it wasn't a huge hit with the crowd. I think everyone who tasted it liked it fine, but it wasn't terribly visually appealing, so few people tried it. Overall, it probably wasn't worth the trouble, but it certainly wasn't bad.

Here is the recipe.

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