Monday, December 03, 2007

Tabbouleh (Page 152)

  • Date: Monday, December 3, 2007 -- 8pm
  • Location: Bloomington, IN
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Recipe Rating: B-

The Book says about this recipe: "This tabbouleh, gently seasoned and made refreshingly tart with lemon juice, highlights parsley..." And I ask you: does parsley really need to be highlighted? Don't get me wrong, parsley is fine, but it's not a center-stage kind of ingredient. I didn't realize just how much parsley this recipe called for (2 cups finely chopped!) so I actually only had in the fridge about half as much as I needed. And it was already too much! Eating this felt very much like eating forkfuls of chopped parsley. There was also much too much lemon juice. It crossed the line from being "refreshingly tart" to being just plain overpowering. My favorite part of tabbouleh is the bulgur, and that was the one ingredient that there wasn't much of. All that said, it was still good -- it's hard to go too wrong with these ingredients. But it would be vastly improved by doubling the bulgur, using less lemon juice and using way less parsley.

Here is the recipe.

Well, I am back in Bloomington after my weekend in Alabama! An embarrassing sign of how exhausted I was last week: I arrived at the Atlanta airport on Friday night, and went to the baggage claim to collect my luggage. There were many baggage claim carousels, and a big monitor showing which flight numbers were on which ones. I stood there for 15 minutes, waiting for my flight to come up on the monitor. Matty was picking me up at the airport, and he found me, standing underneath the monitor, just waiting. He said, "Teena, your bag is on carousel 5." I asked him, how he could possibly know that. "Look," I pointed out, "there is no flight from Boston on the monitor." He stared at me for a minute. "Teena, you don't live in Boston. You flew here from Indianapolis." Whoops.

I slept many, many hours on Friday night though, so I was slightly more alert for the wedding on Saturday. It was beautiful, and very fancy! There was Southern food (grits and chicken etouffee!), dancing, and general merriment. You know it's a fun wedding when it gets broken up by the police!

I flew back last night (again my flight was on time -- I think I am in love with Delta airlines) so I could teach my class morning. This is the last week of classes! Exciting!

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