Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chinese Beef with Broccoli (Page 448)


  • Date: Wednesday, January 2, 2013 -- 7pm
  • Location: East Lansing, MI
  • Kitchen: Our House
  • Book: Gourmet Today
  • Dining Companion: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: B

Truth be told, I made this recipe over a year and a half ago, and the last year and a half haven't been great for my memory! It turns out that the chronic sleep deprivation involved with having two infants is not so good for one's long or short term memory. So, I don't remember this one so well. What I do (vaguely) remember is that the beef and broccoli were both cooked nicely and the sauce had a good flavor, but the sauce was way too thin. I would make this again, but I would certainly thicken up the sauce a bit more. 

This recipe isn't online. 

51 recipes down, 1055 to go!

Wow, it is daunting to post after such a long, long hiatus. I'm still here. The ladies are 14 months old now, and the past 14 months have been a heart-warming, crazy, delightful, exhausting, blur. The truth is, twins are tough. The first year was not easy. But our little ladies are wonderful and they are doing very well. I will post more details of the past few months soon (I hope!), but in the meantime, a brief overview via pictures.

In November the girls were baptized. We had a lovely celebration with family and friends. A picture of me and my special gentleman with the babies at their post-baptism lunch:

Eloise, has always been a VERY curious, adventurous, wide-eyed little girl. This picture captures her infancy perfectly:

Emmy is a very goofy kid. She is quick to smile and laugh, and loves to try to make Eloise laugh as well. 

This picture captures what life is really like for a breast-feeding, working mother of twins! Pump parts and bottles everywhere! I breastfed Emmy until she weaned herself at 11 months. I weaned Eloise when she turned one. I am very, very glad that the days of breastfeeding and pumping are behind me! 

A picture from when the girls were about 6 months old of Emmy wondering why someone is grabbing her butt:

Maybe some day I will write about the babies' first Christmas. It was a disaster. An ice storm took our power (and heat) out for 8 days. My special gentleman's whole family was supposed to spend Christmas at our house, but no one could be at our house (including us!) without heat in the dead of winter in Michigan. We did not have the holiday that we planned, but the ladies didn't care:

Part of the reason that the past year was so crazy is because we moved to Berkeley, CA for 5 months. I was co-organizing a big research program there. My co-organizers and I had been planning this research semester for the last 3+ years, and great researchers from around the world were coming to participate, so I did not want to miss it! But I also certainly could not move to Berkeley alone for five months. So we packed up the family, rented out our house, and moved to Berkeley from January - May. In retrospect, it was an insane thing to do. That said, I'm glad we did it. In both directions the move was a lot of work, and adjusting to life somewhere new is more complicated with two infants, but we had a good semester in Berkeley! A picture of the girls enjoying Valentine's Day in California:

Silly girls, showing off their Notre Dame pride (my special gentleman is an alum):

Happy babies (11 months old) and a happy mama:

Right before we moved back to Michigan, the ladies turned one. Here they are on their birthday: 

I made them a birthday cake, but they wouldn't even try it! Silly babies: 

The ladies, extremely skeptical about the cake: 

These days the ladies are little bundles of energy. They are cuddly, giggly, and love playing together! It's a great stage. Here is my current favorite video of them: 

I am hoping to start posting somewhat regularly again, now that we are back in Michigan and the girls are becoming a little more independent. I would like to document what life is like right now before I forget everything!