Saturday, October 26, 2013

Raspberry-Chocolate Chip Pancakes (Page 660)


  • Date: Wednesday, January 2, 2013 -- 10am
  • Location: East Lansing, MI
  • Kitchen: Our House
  • Book: Gourmet Today
  • Dining Companion: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: C-

Occasionally I read the title of a recipe and think, "Well that can't be bad!" This was one of those cases. Raspberries. Chocolate chips. Pancakes. What's not to love?!? It seemed like it couldn't be bad. Yet, it was. In fact, we threw these pancakes away. Threw them away! My special gentleman HATES to waste food. He will eat things he doesn't like just so they don't get wasted. But these were bad enough that we threw them away. Not good. So what went wrong? Well, it is my practice in this project to execute the recipe exactly as written, even if it seems like a bad idea. Otherwise it wouldn't be fair to grade the recipes. So I executed this as it was written. In this case that included stirring chocolate chips into a mixture that was warm (because it contained butter  and milk which had just been heated on the stove). So the chocolate melted, turning these from chocolate chip pancakes to chocolate-splotched pancakes. Although that doesn't sound like it would really matter, it had a bad effect on the texture of the pancakes. Texture was really the issue here. Raspberries are very watery, so putting them in pancakes can already create a textural issue. The batter gets less cooked right around the watery raspberries. Add to it the splotches of chocolate throughout and the pancakes just turned out a soggy mess. There was no delicious cakey texture to them at all. They were just soggy. We took  few bites and then didn't eat them. They were gross. It was very sad, as they sounded so promising!

The recipe in The Book is almost the same as this one

50 recipes down, 1056 to go!

I haven't posted many recent pictures of the girls and they are so stinkin' cute. So here's a post with some pictures in it. 

Both girls have started laughing, which is adorable. Eloise is easily startled though, so sometimes Emmy's laughing catches her by surprise: 

The ladies love music and dancing. Emmy, in particular, really gets into the music. My special gentleman plays the piano and the harmonica and every day he has music time with the girls where he plays music for them and they dance along. It's really funny to watch. Sometimes they even dance in synchronization:

Emmy partied a little too hard and fell over. Luckily she thinks falling over is hysterical. 

Eloise really loves to stand. It never gets old for her. She absolutely LOVES it. We took the girls to the Michigan State homecoming parade. Here's a picture of Eloise doing her standing in the street at the parade:

This big-eyed look is also very typical for her. She is extremely wide-eyed. She likes to take it all in. My special gentleman's parents say that she reminds them a lot of him as a baby. He was extremely observant. I guess she gets those wide eyes from her daddy.

One exciting recent development is that Emmy and Eloise have started noticing each other. They do a lot of (accidental?) hitting of one another in the face, and stealing each other's toys. But sometimes they play nicely together, smiling at one another:

And even sharing the toys:

That toy there are chewing on is a never-ending source of drama in our house. We have two of them (thank you Kirks!) and the girls LOVE them, but every day Emmy rediscovers that she can't fit the entire toy in her mouth, and every day it frustrates her tremendously. She loves it so much. Why won't it fit in her mouth?!?!

The ladies are getting more and more fun to hang out with as their personalities are developing. Both girls are quick to smile. Here's a happy Emmy:

Eloise has a really big smile. She had such a rough start in the NICU, followed by a hard time at home because of eating and digestion problems. For a long time we referred to her as our sad baby. The first two months she spent most of her waking time screaming the most sad, pained yell you can imagine. And she rarely slept. We felt so bad for her, and were also so exhausted and frustrated ourselves by our inability to help her. But over time we understood her problems better and were able to seek solutions. And it turns out that when she isn't in pain she is an incredibly delightful, happy baby. Indeed, now many days she is the happier of the two, which is something we never could have imagined a few months ago. She's even the better sleeper. We love to watch both of our children smile of course, but I find myself particularly touched by Eloise's big smiles because it was so hard watching her suffer and I worried about her so much. Here she is, happy as can be:  

We have been incredibly blessed by two sweet, healthy, happy children. Having twin infants is definitely not easy. Indeed, I often think about how much easier life would be if we had more adults than infants in the house. It's hard not to feel outnumbered. But we love and adore our little girls and they get cuter and more delightful by the day! 


Karen Shaffer said...

Your girls just keep getting cuter and cuter! I love the one of them laughing and one startled!

Glad for the heads up on this recipe. When I feel like a little chocolate in my pancakes, I just sprinkle a few of those teeny-tiny chocolate chips on the pancake right after I pour the batter on the griddle. I found that if I put them into the batter in the bowl they want to sink so the distribution isn't too good then. The micro chips (HA!) are just the right size so they melt nicely and I can feel like I really treated myself with just a few.

Ann-Marie said...

I'm glad I'm not alone on the recipe. I just *knew* they were going to be awesome. They really are dreadful, though.

Your babies are adorable! thank you for sharing them with us.

Rosiecat said...

Oh, this post is so sweet. I'm melting like chocolate chips in that pancake batter :-) Happy Eloise is such a treat to see!

Anonymous said...

Miss reading your posts. Hope all is well....

Katie said...

Are you ever coming back to post more? :*(