Sunday, August 16, 2009

Plantain Chips (Page 22)

RECIPE #1008

  • Date: Sunday, July 19, 2009 -- 1pm
  • Location: Westerville, OH
  • Kitchen: Karen and Dave's House
  • Dining Companions: Matty, Karen H, Dave, Brad, Deniz, etc...
  • Recipe Rating: A

In July my special gentleman's parents threw us a party with some of the extended family and friends of the family to celebrate our marriage. I took the opportunity to make a couple of hors d'oeuvres from The Book. These plantain chips went with some crab dip (which I will blog about next). To make them, I scored the skin of the plantains, then let them soak in warm water for 5 minutes. I then peeled the plantains, and used a vegetable peeler to slice them very thinly. I deep-fried the slices in vegetable oil, then sprinkled them with a mixture of lime zest, salt, and cayenne. These plantain chips were AWESOME! I like plantains quite a bit, and plantain chips are always tasty. But typically plantain chips are made by slicing the plantain into round. The method in this recipe, where I used a vegetable peeler to slice the plantains into very thin strips, produced much nicer chips. For one thing, they were very pretty this way. But more importantly, it did great things for the texture. They were super thin and extremely crispy. They were so thin that I think they were a little too delicate for the crab dip they were meant to be eaten with. But for eating these chips on their own, the delicate crispiness was perfect! What really took these chips to the next level, though, was the lime salt. It was a simple mixture of lime zest, salt, and cayenne, but it was wonderful on the chips. It brought out the flavor of the plantains, while giving the chips a bit of a kick. One note: The Book says to use green plantains because more ripe plantains won't work as well. Indeed I tried both, and it was impossible to use the vegetable peeler to get thin strips from the ripe plantains, as they were too smushy. So make sure to buy green ones! In summary, these chips were delicious -- I highly, highly recommend.

The recipe is here.

Last Sunday my special gentleman and I traveled back from Norway to Columbus, Ohio (a trip which took 26 hours -- very painful). We stayed with his parents in Columbus for a day, to recover from our jet lag, then drove home to Bloomington on Tuesday. On Wednesday I frantically worked on unpacking boxes at my new apartment (which we moved into before our three weeks of travel, but didn't have time to actually unpack anything). Then on Thursday we flew out to California. We spent a couple days in Palo Alto with Emilee, Brian, and Sam, and now we are on the beach for the weekend, with my special gentleman's friends from his college swim team. There are ten of us staying in a huge beach house in Aptos, California. It's really nice. Yesterday we spent most of the day on the beach -- swimming, boogie boarding, playing catch, etc... Today there are rumors that we are going kayaking (although everyone but me seems to still be sleeping...). Tomorrow my special gentleman and I will head back to Palo Alto, then on Wednesday we fly back to Indiana. We will stay in Indiana overnight, then head up to Michigan, where we will get my special gentleman settled in before his semester begins. I'll head back to Indiana after a week or so in Michgan, so that I can attend course meetings and get myself ready for the semester. And just like that, summer will be over!

With all the traveling we have done, this summer has just flown by. We haven't been home for more than a couple consecutive days in several months. Crazy!

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