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Tiramisu (Page 837)

RECIPE #1232

  • Date: Friday, October 1, 2010 -- 7pm
  • Location: East Lansing, MI
  • Kitchen: Our House
  • Dining Companions: Matty, Teri, Terry, Helen, Charles, Clara, Kendra, Jubin, and Watson
  • Recipe Rating: B

I hadn't made this dessert yet because it makes me nervous serving raw eggs to company. I decided to make this though, and I found some pasteurized eggs in the shell. Unfortunately, my pasteurized eggs suffered a sad fate, but since I had already mentally committed to making the recipe, I did the unthinkable and adjusted the recipe just a tad to make it a little safer (adjustment to be explained later). I started by beating together egg yolks and sugar until thick and pale. The recipe called for this mixture to be left raw. But I went ahead and put the bowl on a double boiler and carefully cooked the mixture, whisking vigorously, until it was past 165 degrees (to kill salmonella). Then I proceeded with the recipe as written. I beat mascarpone into the yolk mixture. The I reconstituted some dried pasteurized egg whites (which I always have around the house because they are great for baking!) and beat them to stiff peaks with some salt and sugar. In a different bowl I beat heavy cream to soft peaks and then folded the cream and the whites into the yolk mixture. I combined very strong coffee with Marsala, then dipped savoiardi (crisp ladyfingers) into the mixture. I layered the soaked cookies with the mascarpone mixture, then refrigerated the tiramisu for several hours. Before serving I dusted it with cocoa.

This tiramisu was pretty good. The flavor was great. My one complaint was that the texture was too liquidy. The recipe directed you to soak the ladyfingers for 4 seconds on each side, which was WAY too long. Indeed they absorbed so much liquid that I ran out and had to brew more coffee. This recipe could have been great had the ladyfingers just been soaked for less time. As it was, it was still good!

The recipe is here.

Only 61 recipes left to go!

There are two complaints about Lansing/East Lansing that you hear relatively frequently from people who either live, or have lived, in the area:
  1. There's no good food.
  2. There's nothing to do.
There is certainly some truth to criticism number 1. Was it easier to find amazing restaurant food when we lived in Boston? Well, sure. But the reality is, we mostly eat at home. And although I would cry out of happiness if a Whole Foods came to East Lansing, the ingredient selection here really isn't too bad. We eat restaurant food at most one or two meals a week. There are a handful of restaurants here that we genuinely like, and since we don't go out too often, a handful is enough! Plus, we have friends that can cook! The best food we have eaten "out" by far was at our friends Helen and Charles' house. Eating there suffers from the disadvantage that you can't just show up on a random night and demand dinner (although, truth be told, we have never tried!), but the food they serve way exceeds what you would get even in a good restaurant.

As for criticism number 2, I just don't see it. There is SO much to do here, and it is SO easy to do things because there's no traffic, everything is close, everything is cheap... We actually do much more here than we ever did in Boston, where things were expensive, or took a lot of energy to get to. This past week, for example, we did a lot of really fun things.
  • Monday: David Sedaris was doing a free reading/book signing at a local bookstore. We went there after work and listened to him talk. Hysterical.
  • Tuesday: We have season basketball tickets, and MSU played South Carolina on Tuesday night. We walked from our house to the basketball arena, I ate lots of yummy concession stand food, and we cheered our Spartans on to victory!
  • Wednesday: The theater department put on As You Like It. After work we biked from the office to our favorite Indian restaurant, then biked over the the theater. The dinner was good. The play was good. It was a fun evening!
  • Thursday: My special gentleman went to his master's swim team practice. I stayed home and worked.
  • Friday: After work a group of mathematicians met up at a bar near our house for beer. Later in the evening we went out to hear some live music.
  • Saturday: Yesterday we hosted a pre-Thanksgiving dinner from The Book for 15 of our friends here! It was so fun hosting a holiday dinner, and all the food turned out really well!
In summary: It was a busy week. Add to that the demands of our jobs, and I certainly never once had the thought, "Man, there is nothing to do here!" Honestly, there is way too much to do! Each week there are way more things that we want to do than we realistically can. What a wonderful problem to have!

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