Monday, November 17, 2008

Langues de Chat (Page 682)


  • Date: Thursday, November 6, 2008 -- 10pm
  • Location: Bloomington, IN
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Dining Companion: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: B+

I chose these cookies to make last week because I was craving something sweet. This recipe is difficult to grade. On the one hand, I found them inedible -- so that would suggest a low grade. On the other hand, my special gentleman loved them, gave them an A, then ate the whole batch in less than 24 hours. So that would suggest a high grade. Why the discrepancy? I don't like food that tastes like flowers. I have a couple food preferences: I'm not a huge fan of bitter greens, and I prefer things that aren't anise flavored. But those are just preferences. I still certainly eat those things. Flower-flavored food, though, is a no-go for me. So when I saw that this recipe contained orange flower water, I suspected I might have an issue with it. It was a shame too because aside from the overpowering, old lady perfume flavor of the orange flower water, these cookies were great. They were buttery and delicate, with a slightly chewy texture in the middle and a nice crispiness around the edges. There was a bit of sugar sprinkled on top for a kiss of sweetness and a little crunch. If I had just left out the orange flower water I would have been fighting to get my share before my special gentleman ate them all. As it was, I happily stepped aside. The verdict: if you like flower-flavored food (as my special gentleman does) you are sure to love these cookies. If you don't, omit the orange flower water from the recipe, and you will have yourself a nice, buttery, delicious treat.

This recipe isn't online.

Tonight I did the unthinkable: I unpacked!!! I have been traveling so much that for the last 6 weeks or so there has been a suitcase sitting on the floor of my living room. I have rotated things in and out of the suitcase, thrown some stuff in the laundry and then back into the suitcase, and changed the contents as the weather at my destination changed. But, in those 6 weeks, I never once completely unpacked. It just seemed so inefficient to unpack, only to pack again a couple days later. When I got home from Boston yesterday though I realized that I will be home for 10 days in a row! So I unpacked. Whoo hoo!

My traveling may be done for a while but I don't think I have fully recovered yet. This morning I slept through 2 alarms, and when I finally woke up at 8:30am I was too disoriented to even realize that I had overslept by an hour and a half. Whoops. The whole day was like that. I often write things on my hand when I am scared that I am going to forget them and I don't have any way to email myself a reminder at that moment. This afternoon, walking from the first class I teach to the second, I thought of something I needed to remember, so I wrote myself a note on my hand: "AV." By the time my second class was over I looked at my hand and had no idea what it meant. Still now, I can't remember. AV? Or maybe it says AU? I am honestly not sure, and I can't think of anything it could possibly mean. That's what kind of day it was! I don't feel too bad about it though. After the crazy couple months I have had it is probably to be expected to experience a few days of exhaustion. Despite oversleeping, I still managed to get everything done that I absolutely needed to this morning, so it was no major loss! And hopefully this AV thing isn't too important! Perhaps after a good night of sleep tonight, I will remember what it means...


vero said...

I cannot get over the name of this cookies. On top of it, they do look like a cat's tongue. Gross.

It's strange because I have no problem eating ladyfingers.

Teena said...

Yeah, I think these cookies should be renamed too. Honestly, whose bad idea was that? No one wants to eat a cat tongue...