Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Port Wine Sauce (Page 473)

RECIPE #1182

  • Date: Monday, July 5, 2010 -- 7pm
  • Location: East Lansing, MI
  • Kitchen: Our New House!!
  • Fellow Chef: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: A-

This recipe was a component for a pork dish which I will blog about next. My special gentleman likes to refer to himself as the saucier of our kitchen. It's true, when there is a sauce to be made he will often help with the sauce while I work on the rest of the dish. This was a quick sauce and he did most of the work. He started by cooking some chopped shallots in butter. Then we added balsamic vinegar and reduced. We then added ruby port and reduced again. Finally he added veal stock and reduced yet again, then strained the sauce and served. This sauce was very intense. The heavily reduced flavors of the balsamic, port, and veal stock each came through very clearly and pungently. The strong flavors paired extremely well with the pork, which was rather mild in flavor.

This recipe isn't online.

I wouldn't call myself a particularly messy person, but I am also not the neatest person I know. And while I am organized in terms of executing tasks, I have never had the beautifully organized closets that some of my friends do (I'm thinking of you, Deniz!). So I understand why my special gentleman has been giving me a quizzical look every time I say I am going to work some more on organizing my kitchen. It's true, my kitchens of the past have been a bit disorganized. I pretty much knew where everything was, but if a random person dug through the cupboards trying to find buckwheat flour or fine dried breadcrumbs I am sure they would have given up without success. There wasn't really a system. But now, faced with a kitchen that I own, one that I plan on cooking in for a long time, I am feeling motivated! Armed with dozens of tupperware containers and sheets of labels I have been filling, labeling, and stacking container after container of food. So if you were looking for buckwheat flour or breadcrumbs, or one of 5 different kinds of rice, you could easily find them in my cupboards! And I am not done yet!

I am feeling a lot of pride of ownership in our home, and in these early weeks that is manifesting itself in my desire to get everything cleaned up and organized. So the settling in has been a little slower than when I employ my usual moving strategy of just putting stuff wherever it will fit. But I think the house is really shaping up! And soon my kitchen will be just as I want it!! I can't wait.


Deniz said...

Thanks, Teena! Gotta say, I drooled at the thought of containers, labels and kitchen organization!!

Teena said...

Well I am pretty sure my kitchen will never be as organized as yours, but it is definitely more organized than my previous kitchens -- and I'm not done yet!