Thursday, October 21, 2010

Grilled Octopus with Oregano (Page 345)

RECIPE #1226

  • Date: Sunday, September 26, 2010 -- 6pm
  • Location: East Lansing, MI
  • Kitchen: Our House
  • Fellow Chef: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: B+

I found some octopus at our local Asian grocery store, so I took the opportunity to make this recipe. I simmered the octopus in water seasoned with sea salt and black peppercorns. Then I rubbed off the skin and marinated the octopus in a mixture of olive oil, red wine vinegar, oregano, sea salt, and pepper for 24 hours. My special gentleman then grilled the octopus until browned. We cut the octopus into pieces, tossed it with the marinade and served. This dish was pretty good. Indeed my special gentleman declared it the best octopus he has ever eaten. Texturally the dish was very nice. The octopus was tender from being simmered, but also slightly crispy from the heat of the grill. It wasn't at all tough, like octopus often can be. The vinaigrette had a subtle but nice flavor. It complemented the octopus without overpowering it. If I need to prepare octopus again someday, this is probably what I will do with it.

This recipe isn't online.

Only 67 recipes left to go!

I received a request from a friend for more pictures of our kittens! They are super cute (and more importantly, super sweet!) so we have lots of pictures of them! Michigan, the little kitty, will sleep pretty much anywhere you set him down. But he especially likes napping with my special gentleman:

The kittens also like to nap with one another. They have their daily routine. Around 5pm said routine involves curling up together on the sofa and sleeping in a big ball. If he's home from work my special gentleman likes to join them for a little rest:

Indiana, the big kitty, will eventually get up to wander around, but Michigan will lay there with you as long as you want:

The kittens are very interested in mathematics. For instance, tonight I was practicing a talk I am giving at a conference next week (yes, we have a chalkboard in our house!), and both the cats purred all the way through my talk. True, Indiana fell asleep for a bit of it, but I can't blame him -- it's not really his field of mathematics! The cats further demonstrate their love of math by laying on top of math papers:

One of our favorite attributes about our cats is that they love to be held. Surprisingly, they even like to be held together:

What sweet little kittens! I'm leaving town tomorrow for almost a week -- I am going to miss them!


Anonymous said...

I had to comment on your maths loving cats.

My father is a mathematician. One of his colleges loved our cats so when he visited us he insisted on getting multiple pictures with our 3 cats. And then posted it on his webpage. For years there was a picture called -cat.

The cat that was on the web site was not particularly mathematical - he preferred piano. He would walk on the piano while my sisters and I would practice.

Teena said...

Yeah, I have noticed lately that there do seem to be a lot of mathematicians that really like cats!

ian said...

Added to delicious and my blog. Thanks for the info.