Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Gimlet (Page 9)

  • Date: Monday, June 25, 2012 -- 7pm
  • Location: East Lansing, MI
  • Kitchen: Our House
  • Book: Gourmet Today
  • Dining Companions: Matty and Adam
  • Recipe Rating: A-

This was another lovely beverage we made on a beautiful summer evening this past June. This recipe couldn't have been simpler: stir together ice, gin, and Rose's lime juice. Strain into glasses filled with ice and garnish with lime wedges. That's it! This drink was simple but tasty. We used good gin and it came through beautifully. This is certainly a drink recipe that I will come back to again. I made this while my special gentleman's friend and collaborator Adam was visiting to work with him. Below is a picture of the two of them after a leisurely dinner on the porch. 

This recipe isn't online.

31 recipes down, 1075 to go!

Happy New Year! I have spent the first couple days of this new year trying to get my life a little bit organized after a crazy semester followed immediately by a couple weeks of holiday travel. Over the break we went first to Wisconsin to visit my family and then to Ohio to visit my special gentleman's family. Both trips were really fun. We arrived in Madison the day before a huge blizzard hit. I grew up where it snows and have spent most of my life living in places that get a reasonable amount of snow, so I'm not too impressed by most snowstorms. This one was pretty impressive though. The storm dumped something like 18 inches of snow in a little over a day and strong winds blew that snow into huge snow drifts. It was severe enough that the University of Wisconsin apparently canceled a day of finals. Luckily, we were safely at my parents' place well before the snow started and we made no attempt to go out until the storm had passed. I spent a lazy snow day lying on the couch, watching movies, and writing Christmas cards. It was just what I needed! Unluckily, my brother was supposed to fly in from Los Angeles the night of the blizzard, and his flight was cancelled. Because of crazy holiday travel there were no available seats on other flights for days. So he didn't make it home, which was disappointing. After the blizzard had passed, we went to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, for an early Christmas celebration with my mom's extended family, which is a annual tradition that I look forward to every year:

We drove home to Michigan on the 23rd so we could pick up our cats (who some friends had generously been feeding during our travels). On Christmas Eve we drove down to my special gentleman's parents' house near Columbus, Ohio. It was a full house for the holidays: Karen and Dave (my in-laws), me and my special gentleman, Brad and Deniz (my special gentleman's brother and his wife), their daughter Hannah, my special gentleman's brother Wes, Brad and Deniz's two dogs, and our two cats! We had a beautiful Christmas there, full of family traditions and huge extended family gatherings. It was very nice. And my niece Hannah is about 17 months now and super funny, so it was a good time hanging out with her. Here's a picture of Hannah and my special gentleman with matching hairdos:

We spent about a week in Ohio and headed back to Michigan just before the New Year. We had a wonderful time traveling, but it is also great to be back home. We had a very relaxing New Year's Eve, which was perfect! So far 2013 has been pretty nice. I have high hopes for it!

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