Thursday, May 14, 2009

Grilled Pork Kebabs with Manchamantel Sauce (Page 483)


  • Date: Sunday, April 26, 2009 -- 4pm
  • Location: Bloomington, IN
  • Kitchen: Bryan Park
  • Fellow Chef: Matty
  • Dining Companions: A whole bunch of mathematicians
  • Recipe Rating: B+

I made these kebabs for a department picnic a few weeks ago. I started by making a marinade for the pork. I toasted then soaked some dried ancho chiles. Then I drained them and blended them with water, onion, garlic, thyme, oregano, cumin, salt, black peppercorns, olive oil, and lemon juice. I marinated chunks of pork tenderloin in this mixture for 6 hours. I threaded the pork chunks along with pineapple chunks, and red onion chunks on some skewers and cooked them on the grill. Once they were done I served them topped with the manchamantel sauce (see post below). These kebabs were pretty good. The pork was excellent -- the marinade gave it a great flavor which was beautifully complemented by the smokiness from the grill. The pineapple was also delicious, and it was well tied to the dish by the sauce (which also contained pineapple). My one complaint was the red onion. Grilled onions are extremely tasty, but in this case it didn't work so well. When the pork was perfectly cooked the onions were still pretty raw. And raw red onions are not nearly as delicious as nicely grilled red onions. Perhaps it would have helped if the onion chunks were smaller, or slightly pre-cooked before they went on the grill with the pork. As it was the dish was good, but I would have preferred it without the onions.

The recipe is here.

Today was a big day. My special gentleman and I went to the county clerk's office to get our marriage license! Now that we have it in our possesion it just needs to be signed by us and our officiant and we will be married! We'll still have to wait a couple weeks for that to happen though... Obtaining a marriage license in Indiana is apparently quite easy. You need to answer some simple questions. My favorites: "Are you currently of unsound mind, or have you ever been deemed by an official to be of unsound mind? Are you currently under the influence of any alcoholic bevarages? Are you currently under the influence of any narcotics? Are you related to one another closer than the relationship of second cousins?" After answering those questions (and other, more boring ones, e.g. "What is your mother's maiden name?") we paid our 20 bucks and that was it. Apparently there used to be some sort of physical examination that was part of this procedure in Indiana, but no longer. It was quick and easy. They handed us our forms (and, strangely, some information about STDs) and we were on our way! This is starting to feel very real! And while I admit the last couple weeks I have felt a little stressed out about various wedding details, now I am just excited! The final details I have left to take care of are fun for the most part, and I am just eager for our big day to be here!!


mike hill said...

Thank god they gave you the info about STDs. Now we don't have to sit you down before your wedding and tell you the facts of life. Seriously, though, in MA, you [at least used to] have to get a syphilis test before you could get married. So fun!

I'm super psyched that you have your license, though! You can legally wed!!

Teena said...

Really, a syphilis test? We definitely did not have to do that!

Laura said...

$20 bucks? They cost $80 in Canada!

Anonymous said...

Before my mom married my step-dad (in Indiana, 1970) they took the then-mandatory syphilis blood test and my mom's came back positive!

(sorry - had to go anon for this shocking revelation)

Teena said...

Laura -- everything is cheap in Indiana!

Anon -- Wow, that must have been a surprise!