Thursday, May 21, 2009

Red Chile Sauce (Page 400)


  • Date: Friday, May 8, 2009 -- 7pm
  • Location: Bloomington, IN
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Dining Companion: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: A-

This sauce was a component of a capon dish, which will be my next post. To start I stemmed and seeded some dried New Mexico chiles and some dried guajillo chiles. I then toasted the chiles for a few seconds in a hot pan. Then I soaked them in boiling water. Once they were soft, I transfered the chiles, and most of the soaking liquid, to a blender. I pureed, then strained the mixture, then added back the remaining soaking liquid. I cooked onion, garlic, cumin, and oregano in vegetable oil, then added some flour, and after a couple minutes, the chile puree. I simmered it for a half hour, then added some salt, pepper, and sherry vinegar. This sauce was extremely tasty. It really highlighted the flavor of the chiles in a beautiful way. Many people think of chile peppers as just a source of heat, but this sauce beautifully illustrated how chile peppers do have a flavor independent of that heat. This sauce was not spicy at all, but still clearly had a chile taste to it. I liked it a lot. We ate it over capon, but it would maybe be even more delicious with some slow-cooked pork.

The recipe is here.

I never use to be a cry-when-I'm-happy kind of person. I've always cried when I get sufficiently upset, but happy occasions never left me teary-eyed. So I have never thought of myself as a very weepy person. I think that is changing though. I distinctly remember the first time I cried at a friend's wedding. I have no idea why I started tearing up, but as she walked down the aisle I couldn't help myself. When my best friend's baby was born last year, same thing. Definite tears. Both of those were huge occasions though, which more than merited some happy tears. But I have also been tearing up at some not-quite-as-huge occasions though. For instance, I got all teary-eyed watching the Chicago marathon. Why? No idea. I didn't even know anyone running in it. But as I watched all those runners go by, I felt a rush of pride for them, and it made me teary. The incident that has me questioning my sanity, though, is the following: last week my special gentleman and I were watching an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 from 1995 (NOT the new version of the show, but rather the good old days with Brandon, Kelly, Donna, etc...). Anyway, it was this absolutely terrible episode where Brandon and Susan were stuck in an eleveator with a pregnant lady and she (of course!) went into labor. So Brandon had to deliver the baby. And watching that made me cry! It's worrisome, no? My special gentleman looked so shocked that I was tearing up that I claimed my eyes were burning from allergies. He saw right through my excuses though. Apparently I am becoming weepy! Our wedding is next week -- hopefully I won't cry all the way through my vows!


Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be impolite, but I did find that after I went on the Pill, my eyes got... leaky. I didn't cry (as in sobbing) more often than before, but my eyes would overflow at any emotional moment, up to and including touching commercials. If you've undergone major hormonal changes like that over the last few years since you've become more of a crier, that might account for it.

Andrea said...

Regarding your vows, you are right to worry about crying! The first time we practiced, in our officiant's office, I was a bleary mess. Then at the rehearsal, I was still a little weepy. By the wedding, I was slightly misty but totally presentable. So for the sake of your mascara, run through the vows in advance. Good luck!!! It's been great to follow the preparations here, and it sounds like you will have a wonderful day.

Deniz said...

The Chicago marathon makes me teary-eyed, too. I have to say I LOL'd at the 90210 bit :-).

Emilee said...

If you cry, I will cry! It will be a mess! *smooch*

Teena said...

Well I did cry through much of the ceremony, but it was ok! I wasn't crying too hard to say my vows!