Saturday, July 07, 2012

Steamed Broccoli with Olive Oil and Parmesan (Page 574)


  • Date: Thursday, May 31, 2012 -- 7pm
  • Location: East Lansing, MI
  • Kitchen: Our House
  • Book: Gourmet Today
  • Fellow Chef: Matty
  • Dining Companions: Teri and Terry
  • Recipe Rating: B-

I chose this recipe because broccoli is one of my favorite foods. Indeed, when I was a kid I wanted to open a restaurant that only served cheese ravioli, steamed broccoli, and chocolate cake! It was my idea of the perfect meal. These days my culinary views have expanded a bit, but I still LOVE broccoli. This was a simple broccoli preparation. My special gentleman steamed the broccoli until tender, then we tossed it with olive oil, finely grated Parmesan, salt, and pepper. That was it! The Book claims that the residual heat of the broccoli "melts the cheese ever so slightly, creating a sauce." That was not our experience with this dish. Rather than melting ever so slightly to create a sauce, the cheese just clumped together in a very unappealing way, totally separate from the olive oil. We also weren't sold on the olive oil + cheese on steamed broccoli. It wasn't bad of course, but it also wasn't nearly as good as steamed broccoli dressed with melted butter would have been. This recipe was a let down. Certainly not one that we would make again.

This recipe is here.

10 recipes down, 1096 to go!

We are in Columbus, Ohio today where, like many places in the country, it is sunny and HOT! This is a short trip. We drove down yesterday afternoon and are headed back home after dinner tonight. It's only about 4 hours from our house to Columbus so it's doable as a one-night trip. We came down here to visit my special gentleman's grandmother, Jinx, who has been having some serious health problems lately. We spent the day hanging out with her today. She's recovering really well, which was great to see! She was in good spirits, and we had a very nice time hanging out with her. We even got to try thickened water, which was a new experience! Unfortunately Jinx has to eat a modified diet right now, which includes thickening her liquids before she drinks them. I've never tried anything quite like thickened water before. She has been able to have some non-thickened water in the last few days, and hopefully soon she will be back on her usual diet. It doesn't seem like she is loving the thickened liquids! She told me that thickened coffee was where she drew the line -- it was apparently completely unpalatable!

Tonight my special gentleman's parents are taking me and my special gentleman out for a nice dinner. My special gentleman and I both got grants this spring which are sort of a big deal, and we haven't had a chance to celebrate with his family yet. So tonight we are going to eat some nice food in celebration!


kingshearte said...

How does one thicken water? What on earth does one thicken it with?

Teena said...

You add something called Thicken Up to it, which is a special product specifically to thicken liquids for medical purposes. I have no idea what is in the Thicken Up though!

Anonymous said...

usually thickeners are cornstarch based, but xanthan gum turned into a gel is also used.