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Grapefruit and Campari Granita (Page 862)

RECIPE #1167

  • Date: Monday, May 3, 2010 -- 9pm
  • Location: Berkeley, CA
  • Kitchen: Our Temporary California Home
  • Dining Companions: Matty, Ana, and Josh G
  • Recipe Rating: A-

The dessert options remaining in The Book are pretty limited, and this was one of the few that I could make with the equipment available in the house we were renting in Berkeley. I started by juicing four grapefruits. I then brought sugar and water to a boil, then removed the syrup from the heat and stirred in the grapefruit juice and some Campari. I then froze the mixture in a shallow pan, stirring with a fork every 30 minutes until the mixture was firm. This granita was really good. It had an intense grapefruit flavor without being too bitter. Campari and grapefruit is always a tasty combination, and in this case the Campari contributed just the right amount of booziness. This would be a great treat on a hot summer evening. It was easy to make, required no special equipment, and made for a light and tasty summer dessert.

The recipe is here.

Now that a year has passed since we got married, I figure I should rally and post some wedding pictures! First, some pictures of our wedding day preparations. The most nerve-wracking task of the day by far was transporting the wedding cake. Preparing the wedding cake had gone smoothly, but it wasn't at all clear to me how stable it was. It had to be transported from our apartment to the restaurant where the reception would be. Luckily that just amounted to going down a flight of stairs, and walking about a block. No one was willing to carry the cake but me though, as no one wanted to be responsible if it fell. So I very carefully picked up the cake and headed down the stairs:

A bunch of friends walked with me, alerting me to any bumps in the sidewalk, or other potential hazards. Brian kept his camera pointed at me the whole time, so that he could catch it on film if I dropped it! I was fine with taking responsibility for carrying the cake, but it was quite heavy and I have very little upper body strength. By the time I arrived at the restaurant, my arms were shaking.

The cake made it intact though, and after that the rest of the day seemed pretty stress-free! The next stop after the restaurant was the salon. Our wedding was do-it-yourself in many ways, but the one thing I did NOT want to do myself was my hair. I am not good with hair. So I relaxed in the chair and let someone else deal with it!

After the trip to the salon, it was about time to get dressed. We got married in our apartment, which meant that as soon as I put on my dress I was going to be shut into the guest bedroom until the ceremony started. So I waited until the last possible minute. In the meantime, I helped our flower boy/ring bearer Sam get dressed.

Meanwhile, my mother was working on the flowers. She ordered and arranged all the flowers for our wedding, with the help of my cousin Anne and my aunt Julie.

They even made my bouquet:

My mom did a beautiful job with the flowers. I was very non-specific about what I wanted ("Anything pretty is fine... Maybe a white bouquet, and some pink flowers in the apartment."). But she took my limited ideas and came up with something perfect! Here she is with my bouquet before she handed it off to me.

While my mom worked on the flowers, Vero and Philippe were also in the apartment, prepping some mixed drinks for guests to drink before the ceremony started. They mixed up several drink options (lychee martinis, pineapple rum punch, etc...), all of which were delicious!

I didn't have any pre-ceremony jitters, but little Sam looked like he was trying to find a way out of there:

After a pre-ceremony bottle, though, he was ready to go:

With the help of many members of our friends/family (Emilee, Brian, Sam, Deniz, Chris, my mom, Anne, Julie, Vero, Philippe, etc...) we got the apartment ready to go! Here it is a few moments before the guests started to arrive:

A lot of people thought we were crazy for getting married in our apartment. But if I had a chance to do it over, I would do the exact same thing. My special gentleman and I were so comfortable getting married where we lived, and it made for a very intimate ceremony.

Up next, some actual pictures of our wedding!

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