Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mixed Nut Shortbread (Page 700)


  • Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2012 -- 11am
  • Location: East Lansing, MI
  • Kitchen: Our House
  • Dining Companions: Matty, Teri, and Terry
  • Recipe Rating: B+

My parents came to visit last month and I made these for their visit. These cookies were a simple shortbread, topped with chopped mixed cocktail nuts and sugar. To make them I stirred together some butter and sugar, then added vanilla and flour. I pressed the dough into a square, then sprinkled it with coarsely chopped roasted salted mixed cocktail nuts and sugar. I baked the shortbread until it was golden (Note: the time listed in the recipe is a little too long). Then I cut the shortbread into bars. I liked this recipe. It never would have occurred to me to use mixed cocktail nuts in baking, but they worked well in this recipe. I liked very much the salty-sweet combination of dusting the nuts with a bit of sugar before baking. The shortbread itself was a bit too crumbly, but still very tasty. Overall these were pretty tasty, although not the best shortbread variation I have made. Unfortunately we didn't get to enjoy the whole batch pictured above, as these cookies suffered a sad fate. More on that below...

The recipe is here

6 recipes down, 1100 to go!

We have two cats, Michigan and Indiana. They are both wonderful kitties: sweet, affectionate, and gentle. They love to be held. They love to snuggle with us and each other. Basically, they are the perfect cats. Here's a picture of them napping (Michigan is the gray one on the left, Indiana is the long-haired one on the right):

And a picture of them in the springtime, sitting by the screen door watching the neighborhood:

Although they are both wonderful cats, they have very different personalities. We adopted them both from county animal control, about two years ago. Michigan was rescued from a drug bust on a meth lab, and we think that he may have been exposed to a bit too much meth as a little kitty. He is so, so sweet, but he is so, so stupid. Example: he leans over his food dish to eat his food and he will eat the food that is in front of his face and immediately start crying because he is stil hungry. He's too dumb to realize that there is another half a dish of food left behind his face that he just can't see without turning. Sometimes we sit there with him and rotate his bowl while he eats. He's not the smartest. He's also pretty lazy. Too lazy to jump very high, or go looking for any trouble. He would rather be carried up a flight a stairs than walk up them himself. He's pretty pathetic, but he is just absolutely adorably cute. He gets by on his looks. Indiana, on the other hand, is a very smart, curious cat, who is always looking for mischief. He wants to explore everything, climb everything, get in everything, and strangely enough: EAT everything. Cats are notoriously finicky, but not this cat. He loves to eat. We only feed him cat food, but he has managed to get his hands on a variety of other things. And oddly enough, the thing that intrigues him most is dessert. Blueberry pie, pear tart, cranberry bars... that cat loves dessert! So we have to be very careful in our house about what we leave on the counters. Plastic wrap used to be sufficient to keep him out of things, but in a desperate attempt to eat a cranberry bar one day, he learned to take off the plastic wrap covering a plate. 

So probably I should have known that leaving these mixed nut shortbread cookies on a plate covered with plastic wrap was a bad idea. But I was in a hurry one day, and I forgot to put them away in a cupboard before leaving the house. My special gentleman and I were gone for no more than a half an hour running an errand. When we got back, Indiana did not greet us at the door. This is very unusual. Indiana loves people and he is so excited whenever anyone comes home that he typically comes running. Indeed, the only times he does not is when he knows he has done something bad (e.g. broken something, knocked over a trash can, etc...). So when he didn't greet us I knew immediately: the cookies! When I got to the kitchen I was greeted by this on the kitchen floor:

I can only guess that Indiana, desperate for a cookie, had trouble with the plastic wrap and decided that it would be easier if he just flipped the whole plate of cookies onto the floor. And so he did. After taking some kitty nibbles from the cookies, he left the rest of them there. Apparently they weren't to his taste. It was sad, as I had been looking forward to eating those cookies. But I have to admit that I was impressed by Indiana's problem solving skills and his diligent pursuit of his goal. Who knows what that cat will figure out next...

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