Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pissaladiere (Page 70)

RECIPE #1002

  • Date: Sunday, June 21, 2009 -- 7pm
  • Location: Bloomington, IN
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Dining Companion: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: A-

I have flipped by this recipe in The Book more than a few times, but it has a long, long list of ingredients, so I have often kept flipping. Finally I decided to give it a try! I started by making the puff pastry dough (see post below). I rolled it out into a big rectangle, and put it on a damp baking sheet and refrigerated for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, I cooked onions, basil, thyme, rosemary, salt, and pepper until the onion were golden, then added chopped canned tomatoes and cooked a bit longer. Finally I stirred in a head of roasted garlic and some chopped parsley and set it aside. While that filling was cooking, I folded over the edge of the puff pastry to make a border, then pricked it all over with a fork. I baked the pastry shell until lightly golden. I sprinkled some grated parmesan in the warm shell, then spread the filling evenly onto it. I topped the filling with overlapping slices of fresh tomato, then brushed the tomatoes with some oil. I sprinkled the whole top with pieces of Kalamata olive and thinly sliced strips of anchovy fillet. I baked the tart until it was crispy and golden, sprinkled it with some more parmesan, and served! This tart was quite tasty. I am not an anchovy fan, so I left part of the tart anchovy-free and I preferred that part, but my special gentleman (who likes anchovies) happily chowed down on the rest. The combination of canned tomatoes and fresh sliced tomatoes was quite nice, and the roasted garlic lended the dish a lovely garlic flavor. The puff pastry crust was completely delicious and made the tart seem refined yet rustic. This tart was beautiful and tasty -- I would certainly recommend it to any anchovy lovers out there!

This recipe isn't online.

When I was young my mother used to say my bedroom looked like a tornado went through. She is a much, much neater person than me, so her tornado always seemed more like a light breeze to me. Today, though, sitting in my apartment, it really does look like a tornado went through. We are moving today and tomorrow, and it's a mess. The place we are moving out of is a mess. The place I am moving into is already cluttered with boxes. And I just feel... bad.

It's not the mess that is bothering me, or even the undeniable horribleness of packing up all my belongings, moving them three blocks, and then unpacking them. It's just hard to leave my current apartment. I have no choice, so I'll go, but I am sad. I have lived in this place for two years, and although most of that time my special gentleman was technically living in Boston, this apartment is one of the places where we built our life together. Moreover, we got married in this apartment, standing only a few feet from where I am sitting now as we said our vows. And mostly, this move reminds me that we will be living apart again. For the last 7 months my special gentleman and I have been living together, and it has been absolutely wonderful. But about a month from now he will move to Michigan, and I will be in my new apartment, just down the street from my current place in Indiana. This, of course, was my choice. I decided to defer my job in Michigan and finish my job in Indiana. And, for a lot of reasons, I believe it was a good choice. But the living apart is going to be hard. We lived much further apart for much longer in the past, but now I have become so accustomed to living together... I just feel sad thinking about being apart so much.

And so, as I pack boxes and say goodbye to the apartment that has brought me a lot of good memories in the last two years, I just feel down. But I am sure that in time I will like the new place, and in less than a year I will be packing again, to move to Michigan for a whole lifetime of living with my special gentleman!

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