Monday, July 13, 2009

Quick Rich Puff Pastry (Page 71)

RECIPE #1001

  • Date: Sunday, June 21, 2009 -- 7pm
  • Location: Bloomington, IN
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Dining Companion: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: A-

This recipe was a component recipe for the tart you see above (which will be my next post). I forgot to take a picture of the puff pastry dough by itself! To make this dough I combined flour and salt, then used my fingers to work in butter. Then I stirred in some icy water. I refrigerated the dough for an hour, then rolled it out into a rectangle. I folded the rectangle in thirds, rolled it out again, and folded in thirds once again. This process is called doing turns. I refrigerated the dough for 20 minutes, then did another turn. I refrigerated for 20 minutes more, then did one last turn. Finally I refrigerated the dough for another 30 minutes before using it. This dough wasn't a true puff pastry, where the butter would be layered between the dough before doing turns, rather than worked in, but it was a darn good imitation. This method of making quick puff pastry (sometimes called semi-puff) produced a pastry that was buttery and flaky, just like the original. True, it probably didn't puff quite as much as a true puff pastry would, and there weren't quite as many flaky layers of dough, but only an expert would notice the difference! This recipe was very nice. The dough was tasty, it cooked beautifully, and the end result was flaky, buttery, and crisp. Yum!

This recipe isn't online.

I went running recently with someone I consider a friend. What started as a nice, casual run took an ugly turn when somehow our conversation evolved into all sorts of criticism of me. I think most of it was meant either to be joking in nature, or to be helpful, but it was overwhelming. I got an earful about my career, my personal life, my hobbies, etc... none of it positive. I tried to take whatever was constructive out of the conversation and let the rest of it go. I didn't, however, entirely succeed. One thing that was said, for instance, was that there was no way I would be ready to run a marathon this fall. Now, I have never run a marathon before, and the person who said this has, so I took it rather seriously. I found it very discouraging -- discouraging enough that I didn't run for a whole week.

When I explained this all to my special gentleman (also a marathon runner) he scoffed, and convinced me to lace up my shoes again. And I am proud to say that on Friday I ran 14 miles. My longest run ever! And you know what? It was pretty easy. At the end of the run I felt that I could have easily run another mile or two. Today, looking at my training schedule and a calendar, I have found some confidence again. I think I can do it, and in an endurance event believing you can finish is a big step towards actually finishing!


Sara said...

Sometimes family and friends try to 'fix' us. Sometimes it's just best to take away that they care and not pay too much attention to anything else.

Liz C said...

When someone attacks you like that, most likely it's not really about you. It's about them. In any case, I don't think they deserve the title 'friend'!

Teena said...

Yeah, I know you are both right, but it's still hard not to take it personally!