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Crispy Artichoke "Flowers" with Salsa Verde (Page 69)

RECIPE #1119

  • Date: Thursday, February 25, 2010 -- 7pm
  • Location: Berkeley, CA
  • Kitchen: Our Temporary California Home
  • Fellow Chef: Chris
  • Dining Companion: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: B

Chris came over for a birthday dinner the night before his birthday, and I chose this dish to be a part of that meal. I started by making the salsa verde, which I had already made once before, not realizing I would need it for this recipe. Then I prepared the artichokes, using the usual steps of snapping off the outer leaves, removing the inner purple leaves and hairy choke, trimming what was left, and rubbing everything with lemon. Then I put them in a mixture of lemon juice and water. I drained them well, then Chris cooked them in 200 degree olive oil until they were tender. He then removed them, heated the oil to 365, and deep fried them for 30 seconds or so, until they were crisp and brown. The instructions said to deep-fry them one at a time, holding them each on the end of a fork. We quickly learned that a fork was not the right tool -- there was hot oil splattering everywhere and a fork put you way too close to the action. It worked much better with a long grill tool. We served the fried artichokes with the salsa verde. These artichokes were pretty good. I liked the contrast between the crispy texture of the leaves and the tender artichoke heart. The stronger flavor of the salsa verde was a nice complement to the mild artichokes. This recipe called for 4 cups of olive oil though, which seemed like a bit of a waste. Typically deep-frying is done in vegetable oil (much cheaper!). I think the olive oil did lend a good flavor to the artichokes, but in my opinion the artichokes weren't good enough to justify the use of all that oil!

The recipe is here.

I have promised, on several occasions, to post some more pictures of our wedding festivities. Here is another installment. The night before the wedding we had a "rehearsal dinner" for our out-of-town guests. We didn't really have much rehearsing, since our ceremony was super-simple and took place in our apartment, but we did have a fun party the night before.

Our rehearsal dinner was at the Indiana Memorial Union, in an outdoor courtyard. I didn't want to have our wedding outside because I thought it would be too stressful worrying about rain. But my special gentleman and I both love to be outdoors, so I wanted to have some part of the celebration outside. The rehearsal dinner seemed like a good compromise.

Decorations were minimal -- candy and confetti! I had some trouble getting the little confetti jars open though:

Brian, Chris, Emilee, and Deniz helped me with the decorations:

Matt was in charge of leading the guests over to the union from the bed and breakfast where everyone stayed:

Here's a picture of Vigleik with his son Henrik:

And an overhead shot of the sunken courtyard where we had our dinner:

The weather turned out to be beautiful that evening, and we had a fun time sitting outside, eating and drinking.

We had fancy food the night of the wedding, so for the rehearsal we kept it simple: hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, baked beans, corn on the cob, cole slaw, etc...

Sam bit into a lemon and discovered that they are sour:

Emilee and Rachel planned a game to test how well Matt and I know each other. We played a similar such game at our engagement party and I lost miserably! I redeemed myself at the rehearsal dinner though, easily beating him!

Here is a nice shot of Matt's grandma and mom, with my dad:

And here is a picture of my parents:

The union also has a bowling alley, which we rented out for the occasion. So after dinner we enjoyed a few rounds of bowling:

I am told for that many people the evening continued at one of the popular Bloomington bars, playing Sink The Bismark. I went home around midnight to get some pre-wedding rest instead!

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