Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rouille (Page 117)

RECIPE # 1123

  • Date: Saturday, February 27, 2010 -- 6pm
  • Location: Berkeley, CA
  • Kitchen: Our Temporary California Home
  • Dining Companion: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: B

This recipe was a component for a fish soup that I selected as part of the All Seafood All The Time plan (I will blog about the soup next). I started by roasting red bell peppers on the grates of our gas burners until blackened. Then I put them in a bowl, covered it, and let them rest for 20 minutes. I then peeled the peppers and tore them into large pieces. I mashed together garlic and salt to form a paste, then in a food processor I pureed the garlic paste with the bell pepper chunks, a jalapeno chile, and fresh bread crumbs that I made from brioche. I added olive oil, then lemon juice and black pepper, and blended until smooth. This sauce was pretty good. The flavors of the roasted red peppers and garlic came through clearly. I expected it to be spicier than it was, but the jalapeno did give it a mild kick. I didn't love the texture. Despite a long time in the food processor, it had a little graininess to it. Overall, it was a pretty good sauce, which added a lot of flavor to the fish soup.

The recipe is here.

Yay for a fun trip to Las Vegas! I met my parents, my aunt Ellie, and my grandpa for a little family vacation in Vegas these past few days. It was extra-crazy in Vegas because of the start of March Madness -- sports betting was in full swing. We watched a lot of basketball games in various casinos, where there were multiple enormous screens side by side so you could watch many games at once. It was quite an experience. For betting it is less about who wins and loses and more about the point spread, so even in games where one team had a huge lead, if the score was close to the spread people were screaming and cheering like it was a one-point game. Of the four teams that I cheer for (Wisconsin, Stanford, Indiana, and Michigan State), only Wisconsin and MSU are in the tournament. They both managed to pull off first round victories yesterday though, and we watched them with the Vegas crowd! I didn't bet on any of the games myself, but my dad was way ahead with his basketball bets as of this morning. I saved my gambling energy for pai gow poker at the tables with my grandpa, bingo with my aunt, and video poker. I lost at video poker but won at both pai gow and bingo and ended up ahead overall. Add to that some lovely time spent shopping with my mom and it made for a very successful trip to Vegas!

Now I am back in Berkeley for one night before heading to Palo Alto for a week for a research workshop!

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