Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Butter-Toasted Oatmeal with Sticky Apple Topping (Page 647)

  • Date: Monday, September 3, 2012 -- 9am
  • Location: East Lansing, MI
  • Kitchen: Our House
  • Book: Gourmet Today
  • Dining Companion: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: B+

We didn't have to teach on Labor Day, so we slept in and then cooked this oatmeal for breakfast. We toasted steel cut oats in butter before cooking them in boiling water. The topping was Gala apples slices cooked in butter and brown sugar, with a dash of salt and some half and half. This oatmeal was tasty. The oats themselves were a little less cooked than I like them, but the apple topping was DELICIOUS. Yum! I haven't made this exact dish again, but it has certainly served as inspiration for what has become my standard breakfast the last few months: oatmeal with apples cooked in, topped with brown sugar, milk, and fresh raspberries.

This recipe isn't online.

38 recipes down, 1068 to go!

I got so behind in my blogging that I never blogged about the many lovely events of the past few months. So I should back up. February was a little rough as my special gentleman was away for work the entire month. He came back for a couple weekend visits, but mostly he was gone. My mother came for part of the month, which was nice, but I was alone for much of it and anxious for my special gentleman to return! He had to travel for much of March as well, although thankfully not the entire month.

In March our friends Cheryl and Thomas got married! Cheryl asked me if I would make the wedding cake for their small wedding. I was very happy to do it, but when I agreed to it I don't think I realized exactly how incapacitated I would be by the time the wedding rolled around. Plus, my special gentleman had to be out of town the weekend of the wedding, so I did not have his assistance. Luckily, my friend Chris agreed to come visit for the weekend. It was great! He lives in England so I don't get to see him terribly often. It was wonderful to have a few days to hang out and catch up. Plus, he likes to cook and he helped me out with the cake. Logistically I have no idea what I would have done without him as the cake was too heavy for me to carry! Plus he did all the really un-fun jobs like measuring and cutting the wooden dowels that went into the cake for support. He was a tremendous help.

The cake was a two-tier, eight-layer chocolate cake, with raspberry filling and white chocolate cream cheese buttercream. We decorated it with wafer cookies which we dipped in white chocolate. I was happy with how it turned out. I thought it looked nice and it tasted good. Here's a picture:

Certainly the most nerve-wracking part was transporting it to the restaurant where the reception took place. We decided that Chris had to drive because if I drove there would be no way I could lift the cake off Chris' lap when we got there (too heavy for this pregnant lady!). But the cake plus my belly didn't fit too comfortably in my car. I was very thankful that we chose a not very delicate form of decoration rather than intricate piping on the outside of the cake, as there were several cake/belly collisions. On a couple occasions the babies even attempted to kick the cake, which was uncomfortable. I was not convinced that this would go smoothly. The look on my face says it all:

But, we made it to the restaurant! Here's a picture of Chris, with the safely delivered cake:

I made my own wedding cake some years ago, but I think it was more stressful making a wedding cake for someone else, as of course I didn't want to mess up my friend's wedding. Luckily Cheryl is mellow though, so I had confidence that even if there was a cake-related disaster she wouldn't freak out. As it turned out, it went as smoothly as it could have. I wouldn't necessarily recommend making a wedding cake 27 weeks into a twin pregnancy though! It's probably not something I would do again. 

More updates about the rest of the spring soon...


Karen Shaffer said...

This oatmeal looks great - I love this idea and will try it out this weekend!

Your cake was beautiful, too. :-)

Click said...

Even i would like to try butter toasted oatmeal on these weekend. Your cake seems to be yummy.

Karen Shaffer said...

Tried the oatmeal this morning and loved it! I cooked the oats a little on the longer side - it was a hit in my house! :-)

Teena said...

Karen: The topping was delicious, right? I love cooked apples!

Karen Shaffer said...

The topping was fantastic! I licked the pan almost dry before I washed it..heehee...

I have another Gourmet book ("Gourmet Every Day"), and there's a recipe there for broiled apples with maple calvados sauce you put over vanilla ice cream. SOOO good! I didn't know what calvados was before I came across this recipe. I had to hunt it down and finally found it at a store called Beverages and More (BevMo). Totally worth it.

Teena said...

Oooo.... broiled apples with maple calvados sauce sounds so good!!

I miss BevMo from when I used to live in California. If you are looking for alcohol, they've got everything!