Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Devils Food Cake with Marshmallow Frosting (Page 743)

  • Date: Tuesday, August 28, 2012 -- 8pm
  • Location: East Lansing, MI
  • Kitchen: My House
  • Book: Gourmet Today
  • Dining Companions: Kendra, Georgina, Cori, and Matty
  • Recipe Rating: B

I made this cake last summer, when the ladies came over for a girls night at my house. This was a standard cake preparation: beat together butter, dark brown sugar, eggs, and vanilla then alternate the wet ingredient (water) with the dry ingredients (flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt) and mix until just combined. I baked the cake in a square baking pan. For the frosting I combined egg whites, sugar, salt, light corn syrup, water, and vanilla in a metal bowl set over a saucepan of simmering water. I beat the frosting with a handheld mixture until it was thick and fluffy then removed it from the heat and beat it some more. I frosted the cake, dusted with cocoa powder, and served! This cake was pretty good. The cake itself had a nice texture and a good chocolate flavor. It wasn't too dry. I would certainly make the cake portion again. The frosting I wasn't quite as crazy about. As advertised, it was very marshmallow-y. It was sweet, fluffy, and shiny. It lacked the richness that I like in a frosting though. I enjoyed eating this cake, but I think in the future I will substitute a different frosting or glaze for this one.

This recipe isn't online.

37 recipes down, 1069 to go!

This pregnancy has gone quite smoothly so far, and now that I have made it to 33 weeks, people are often telling me what a great job I am doing growing two large babies inside me. I feel a little guilty about that particular piece of praise, largely because I know that mostly it is luck and other things I have no control over (like my height)  that have caused this pregnancy to go smoothly so far, and that the efforts I have made have probably had only a minimal effect. But beyond that, there are also people besides me that deserve credit for the success of this pregnancy so far. In particular: my special gentleman.

I have never been shy about the fact that I won the husband jackpot. He's an awesome person and a great partner, and I always feel very blessed by him. But he has been especially spectacular throughout the past 7 and a half months of pregnancy. As I have mentioned, simple things like standing and walking are now very difficult for me. So while normally I do contribute to the household by shopping, cooking, and doing some cleaning, at this point I do not. My contribution is gestating our two children and my special gentleman does absolutely everything else. He makes breakfast every morning and dinner every evening, plus quite a few evening snacks. He does all the cleaning, and all the shopping (sometimes I go along in a motorized cart, but it's still too hard for me to load things into the car, etc, without him there!). And in addition to the normal stuff, there is also a lot of pre-baby reorganizing, assembly, installing, carrying, etc, which he does all of at this point. I generate a huge number of dirty dishes every day (I eat a lot!) and I just throw them all into the sink (or, sometimes, leave them scattered around the house). I can't remember the last time I washed one, or even bent down to load one in the dishwasher. My special gentleman really does everything. In summary, he's been amazing. I genuinely do not know how I would do it without him.

A couple weeks ago I was feeling pretty good one day and I decided I was going to help out by making dinner. I thought of something super easy that involved minimal standing: toasted cheese sandwiches, steamed broccoli, and a big salad. I knew that this would take me longer than usual so I started while my special gentleman was still at work. I managed to assemble a good looking salad, and a selection of sandwiches with a variety of different cheeses (cheddar, gouda, manchego...). Steaming the broccoli was also no problem. The last step was to toast my sandwiches in a frying pan. It was warm that day and I am extra warm lately due to the 50+ extra pounds I am carrying around. So I was cooking in yoga pants and a sports bra, with no shirt on. Toasting the sandwiches was going fine until suddenly I felt a bad pain in my belly. Belly pain is scary at this point in pregnancy and I had a brief moment of wondering if I was about to go into labor or something. But I quickly realized that no, I was not in labor. Rather, my belly is so big that I had accidentally set the underside of my belly on the hot frying pan without realizing it. So it was burning. Ouch. The sandwiches were tasty and my special gentleman appreciated the effort, but that night he commented, "Perhaps it's best if you don't try to cook any more." I have to admit, I think he's right about that! Lucky for me he has been cooking up a variety of delicious things lately (grilled steaks, barbecued pork burgers, tacos, grilled asparagus, roasted brussels sprouts, big delicious salads, etc).

I don't know how many more weeks of pregnancy I have ahead of me. But I do know that I am incredibly lucky to have a husband who is so tremendously supportive, and with his help I will get through it just fine.


Karen Shaffer said...

You really did win the husband jackpot! I've followed your whole blog and and am very happy for you, even though we've never met. Looking forward to pics of your new lovlies (that's what I call my twin granddaughters!).

Teena said...

Thanks! Yeah, he has been awesome. I will definitely post pictures once the girls arrive!