Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spiced Chicken (Page 397)

  • Saturday, September 15, 2012 -- 6pm
  • Location: East Lansing, MI
  • Kitchen: Our House
  • Book: Gourmet Today
  • Dining Companion: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: B+

For this super simple chicken recipe I rubbed chicken breasts (with the skin on and bones in) with chili powder, cumin, coriander, pepper, cinnamon, salt, and vegetable oil. I browned the chicken in a heavy skillet, then roasted it in the oven. Once the chicken was cooked I transfered it to a plate and deglazed the skillet with water to form a quick sauce. This chicken was tasty. The skin was crispy and very flavorful, and the simple sauce also had a good flavor to it. The sauce was quite thin -- it would have been nice if it had a bit more substance to it. But this was a very tasty, very simple chicken preparation which I would happily make again for an easy week-night dinner.

The recipe is here.

42  recipes down,  1064 to go!

Well, I'm 34 weeks today, and still pregnant! Here's a shot of the 34 week belly:

I think the picture might not capture how truly enormous the belly is. I have gained about 55 pounds now, with much of it concentrated in my mid-section. The belly is huge. Thank goodness I am tall! I think I would be even less comfortable if I were shorter. The side you are looking at in the picture is Baby A's side of the belly. She is all the way on my left, head down (thankfully!) and quite low. Baby B is taking up the whole middle and right side of my belly, sitting in a V-shaped breech position -- butt down, head and legs up. The doctors think they are unlikely to move at this point. There has consequently been a lot of discussion about the best way to deliver twins when the second twin is breech. The medical studies seem to indicate that in this case either a vaginally delivery or a C-section are about equally safe for the babies. I would prefer to avoid a C-section if possible, since it is a significant surgical procedure and recovering while caring for two tiny infants sounds tough. But who knows what will happen. It's additionally complicated by the fact that some doctors in my practice are comfortable delivering the second baby feet first, while others will only deliver the second baby vaginally if she flips to be head down after the first baby comes out. This opens up the possibility of course of delivering the first vaginally and then having to have a C-section for the second one if she doesn't flip head down and they can't externally turn her. It's complicated and a lot depends on which doctor is at the hospital when I go into labor. It was stressing me out for a while, but now I have decided to just not worry about it and hope that when the time comes and I have more information (about who is delivering the babies, how big they are, exactly what position Baby B is in, etc) I can make a reasonable decision. And of course there is always the possibility that something totally unforeseen will happen, making a C-section necessary regardless of the doctor or position of the babies. I am certainly prepared for that possibility. As long as everyone is safe and healthy, I don't really care too much how it happens.  

I went to the doctor yesterday for the non-stress test, ultrasound, doctor visit combo. The babies are looking good, although crowded! We are at the point now where if I went into labor they would make no attempt to stop it, so that's exciting. In general 34 week babies do very well, so I am feeling calmer than I have in a while. Now I am just hoping for a safe delivery. They will induce me around 38 weeks if I haven't gone into labor by then, but I am finding it hard to imagine making it another 4 weeks, given how I am feeing right now. We shall see! In the meantime I am just trying to tie up loose ends at work and around the house so that I am ready to go to the hospital whenever that moment arrives.


ana rita said...

You look awesome!
All the best, all the best, and thank you for keeping us updated almost daily. :)

vero said...

My thoughts are with you! I'm glad you are still pregnant (and yes, you are huge!)

Congratulations and keep posting!

Katie said...

It's different for everybody, so ultimately, who knows. However...

If it makes you feel ANY better, I am a twin. I was baby B and was breeched and my mom delivered us vaginally and perfectly safe (and that was in 1978). So just know that it is possible!

I also just had my first baby 3 months ago by C-section (he was transverse and couldn't be turned) and the recovery really wasn't that bad. The first couple of days when I stood up it felt like my stomach was on the floor--that's the best way I can describe the feeling--but the key was to MOVE. Even if it was tiny baby steps pacing up and down the livingroom floor. The more you move, the faster you recover. By the end of the week I was doing well. By week 2 I was feeling pretty darn good. By week 4 I couldn't even tell I'd had any kind of major abdominal surgery. Again, it's different for everybody, but it's not as bad as you think. Hang in there!

Teena said...

Ana: Thanks!

Vero: Yup, I'm huge :)

Katie: Thanks for your comment! It's encouraging to hear both that your mom was able to deliver twins vaginally and also that your C-section recovery was not too bad!