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Mojito (Page 16)

  • Date: Monday, September 3, 2012 -- 6pm
  • Location: East Lansing, MI
  • Kitchen: Our House
  • Book: Gourmet Today
  • Dining Companion: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: B+

It feels like a long time ago when I could drink mojitos! I wasn't missing alcohol at all throughout this pregnancy until very recently. When the weather got warm though, a beer, or a glass of white wine, or a mojito, started to sound really good. Only a few more weeks of pregnancy to go and then I will indulge in a delicious summer mixed drink! I made this mojito recipe last year on Labor Day. I muddled together lime juice, fresh mint sprigs, and sugar, then added rum and ice. I shook it vigorously, then strained the drinks into glasses filled with ice, topped them off with club soda, and stirred. These mojitos were good. I wouldn't say it was the best mojito I have ever had, but I would certainly drink it again. My only complaint is that it was less bold than it could have been. It could have supported a little more lime juice, for instance, for a more flavorful punch. That said, we certainly enjoyed these drinks!

This recipe isn't online.

39 recipes down, 1067 to go!

Easter weekend my special gentleman's family came to visit us! My special gentleman's younger brother Wes lives in Cambodia, but he was in the US briefly for a meeting in San Francisco. He hadn't been to Michigan yet to see where we live so he decided to stop by for a weekend. Since Wes was coming, my special gentleman's older brother Brad, his wife Deniz, and their daughter Hannah came from Chicago for the weekend, and my in-laws drove up from Ohio. It was fun having his whole family together here in Michigan! I am a lousy hostess these days, but fortunately for me my mother-in-law (who is amazing!) did all of the cooking all weekend, and everyone basically took care of themselves so very little hostessing was required!

It was a pretty mellow weekend. We mostly just hung out, chatted, watched basketball, ate, and played games. We went to the butterfly house and children's garden on campus. Hannah seemed a little suspicious of the butterflies.

We also had an Easter egg hunt, which is a tradition in our house. I love egg hunts! The last few years there have always been children in our lives to hunt eggs, but even before that I would hide eggs for my special gentleman! This year our good friends Helen and Charles joined us for an egg hunt with their daughters Clara and Gretchen, and Helen's mom who was in town visiting. Here's a picture of Clara and Hannah hunting eggs (and Deniz helping Hannah!). 

Infant Gretchen may have been a little too young for our egg hunt. She didn't seem super into it:

I like this picture of my father-in-law Dave reading a story to both Hannah and Clara. He loves being a grandfather to Hannah and apparently he has already mastered reading to two children at once. I have no doubt that he's going to be great with the twins! 

After church on Easter, my special gentleman's family had to head back to their respective homes. In the past few years I have made some big Easter meals (like this and this), but this year I was a little too incapacitated for that kind of cooking. Luckily for us, we were invited over to Helen and Charles' for Easter dinner, where we ate a big, wonderful meal prepared by them and Helen's parents. I wish I had a picture of the spread. It was extremely tasty.

It was a fun, chaotic, Easter weekend, which I loved. Easter is one of my favorite holidays and I was very happy I got to celebrate it with friends and family again this year!

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