Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chilled Lemongrass Tomato Soup (Page 87)

RECIPE #1029

  • Date: Saturday, September 19, 2009 -- 6pm
  • Location: Bloomington, IN
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Dining Companion: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: C-

I made this recipe because I wanted to make some progress on the Soups section in The Book. To start, I made the Tomato Water from the post below. Then I boiled finely chopped lemongrass stalks in a bit of the tomato water. I strained out the lemongrass and stirred in some powdered gelatin. I warmed it until the gelatin was dissolved then I stirred the mixture into the remaining tomato water. I refrigerated for 8 hours, then I stirred in some chopped watermelon. I was supposed to garnish this with mint and chives, and indeed I bought both mint and chives. The grocery people bagged the fresh herbs with my raw chicken though, so I didn't use them for fear they had been contaminated (yes, I am a little crazy about food safety!). So our soup, as you see, was garnish-less. I really did not care for this soup. It looked appetizing enough, but it tasted bad. Frankly, tomato water just isn't my thing. And although tomatoes and watermelon go well together, even the watermelon couldn't save this dish. I took one bite, and actually I spit it out into the sink. It just didn't sit well with me. My special gentleman fared a little better: he took 3 or 4 bites, and managed not to spit them out. But even he didn't like this soup (and he likes almost everything!). It's hard to imagine who would love this. A person who loves, loves, loves tomatoes might like the flavor ok, but then he or she would probably miss the tomato texture. And for anyone who isn't over the moon for raw tomato flavor, this is much too intense to be enjoyable. This recipe, unfortunately, ended up down the garbage disposal.

The recipe is here.

I was bubble-wrapping ramekins and putting them into boxes earlier tonight. It seemed to me at the time that the worst part of this cooking habit of mine is that every time I move I have to move a huge number of cooking supplies. Whenever I move, almost every box is labeled "Kitchen." Generally speaking, I don't have a lot of possessions, but when it comes to kitchen supplies... that's a different story. So I was bubble-wrapping a ramekin tonight, thinking about how I don't like bubble-wrapping ramekins, and then it occurred to me: that might be the last time I ever bubble-wrap that ramekin!

It's so exciting -- 36 hours from now my special gentleman and I will own a home! And we will move our things into it, and we will likely stay there for years and years and years. This may not sound like a huge triumph, but to me it feels like one. I have moved 18 times in my life. The idea of not moving any more sounds almost too good to be true! The idea of owning the place in which I live is also almost unfathomable to me. If I wanted to have a cat, I could get one! It wouldn't violate any lease. No landlord would come and hunt me down. I can put all the nails in the walls that I please. I can even paint the walls. This is absolute craziness!

I am not really going to be living in our house until June (since I am finishing my job in Indiana before starting my job in Michigan). But we are moving most of our things into the house over the next few weeks, and my special gentleman will be living there. I am so excited! Although I have been entrenched in the home-buying process for the last several weeks, it is just now starting to seem real. Forty-eight hours from now I will be getting ready for our first night in our very own house! High on my agenda: taking my first bath in our jacuzzi tub! Whoo hoo!


vigleik said...

That's so exciting. When can I come visit?

mdurfor said...

This is the first of your posts I have read. After you move, if you can have even one or two chickens in your yard at your new home, you would never have to use a garbage disposal again. The chickens love to eat my mistakes, and they always make the eggs taste even better!!!!

Melanie said...

I am so happy for you two. And so jealous.

Jessica said...

I know exactly how you feel and this next move of mine is going to be a nightmare--I have SOOOO much kitchen stuff now, especially after the wedding.

I'm not looking forward to the three gelatin soups in TJOC although I need to make one soon because it's on the randomized list.

Teena said...

V: As soon as we unpack! We would love to have you and Shihchi and Henrik visit anytime!

Mdurfor: Chickens, huh? Now there is something I hadn't considered!

Melanie: Thanks! I hope you and Daniel can come visit sometime!

Jessica: Good luck with the gelatin soups. In my experience they are not-so-good, but maybe you will find a winner!