Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Fried Artichokes (Page 519)

RECIPE #1016

  • Date: Saturday, August 29, 2009 -- 8pm
  • Location: Bloomington, IN
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Fellow Chef: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: B

This recipe came off the list generated by the random number generator. Conceptually, this recipe was very simple. Prepare artichokes. Simmer then in oil for 15 minutes. Deep-fry them in hotter oil for 45 seconds. Sprinkle with salt. Serve. In practice, most of the work was involved in the "Prepare artichokes" step. It involved a lot of tearing, cutting, paring, scraping, etc... to get the leaves off, the green fibrous parts trimmed off, and the choke out. Once the artichokes were ready to fry there wasn't much to this recipe. The fried artichokes were certainly not bad, but neither of us was terribly excited about them either. When I saw the title "Fried Artichokes" I had some hope that they would be breaded and deep-fried (yum!) but there was sadly no breading to be found in this recipe. So the end result was just artichokes, fried. Even generously seasoned with salt they were a little bland. That said, the texture was interesting. The leaves had a delicate crunch to them while the heart was nice and tender. I didn't dislike them at all -- I just didn't find them interesting enough to want to make them again. The recipe would have been better had it contained a nice dipping sauce for these fried artichokes.

The recipe is here.

Well the first day of my classes has come and gone, and so far both my classes seem great. The students were friendly, they participated, and they generally seemed to have a positive attitude. I have a good feeling about it. And although I wasn't feeling too sure that I would like standing on a stage and wearing a microphone while I teach, the big class (250 students) was pretty fun.

Other realities of the semester are also starting to set in though. In other words, I miss my husband. I have been sitting on the couch for the last 45 minutes, nursing a headache and trying to rally to take a shower. Instead of getting up I have been thinking about how I miss my special gentleman. Of course I chose to stay in Indiana another 8 months rather than moving with him. So I have no right to complain. Further, we are only going to be apart 3 nights a week. So, I am really whining about nothing. We have lived much further apart before, and I was just fine. But since we got married it has been so nice being together all the time. I am sad to give that up. If there is any downside to having a really great husband it's that when he is not around, I miss him a lot. So I'll pout tonight. And maybe I'll pout tomorrow night too. But Thursday night I will be headed up to Michigan for the weekend, and hopefully by this time next week I will have adjusted a bit.

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