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Blueberry Corn Hotcakes (Page 658)


  • Date: Friday, June 1, 2012 -- 10am
  • Location: East Lansing, MI
  • Kitchen: Our House
  • Book: Gourmet Today
  • Dining Companions: Matty, Teri, and Terry
  • Recipe Rating: A-

I made these hotcakes for breakfast one day while my parents were visiting a couple months ago. I whisked together flour, stone-ground cornmeal, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. In another bowl I combined eggs, buttermilk, and melted butter. I whisked together the wet and dry ingredients, then folded in blueberries. I cooked them on the stovetop, in a small amount of vegetable oil. These pancakes were great! I really loved the addition of cornmeal, making them hearty and a little bit nutty. The ratio of pancake to blueberry was just right. They were flavorful and a little bit crunchy around the edges, which I loved! My special gentleman is very particular about his pancakes, but even he loved these and admitted that they were tastier than the pancakes we typically make. Yum! This recipe will definitely get added into our breakfast rotation.

This recipe isn't online.

13 recipes down, 1093 to go!

Three weeks into this California trip I am starting to feel as though I live here again! The time has just flown by. The first week I was here I was part of a team of six people that was running a summer school aimed at graduate students and post-docs. There were about 80 young mathematicians participating in the summer school. I had never been on the organizational end of that kind of thing before, and I found it fun but also pretty stressful. The structure of this particular summer school was that the week was focused on one subject area: Algebraic K-Theory. The organizers outlined 15 or so hour-long talks on that subject, and then assigned the talks to certain participants in the summer school in the weeks leading up to the school. The organizers also wrote problems for the participants to work on during the week to help cement their learning of the material. During the summer school the role of the organizers was to help participants with last-minute talk preparations, answer questions on the material, and generally be around to provide insight and guidance. Various organizers also gave talks throughout the week. For instance, I gave the introductory lecture, introducing the field and outlining what we would be learning about all week. There were about 3 talks per day, given by the participants, as well as lots of problem sessions, during which the participants worked on problems and asked the organizers questions. The school ran very smoothly. The participants gave nice talks and everyone worked hard. But it was exhausting. The days were pretty long and it was a bit stressful to be one of the persons of authority. I was the youngest of the organizers -- indeed I was only a few years older than many of the participants. So it felt strange to be one of the official go-to people for all the mathematical questions that the participants had. After the summer school ended on Saturday morning, I spent that entire afternoon just laying around, recovering. I was exhausted!

The second week was a totally different thing. It was a huge international conference, honoring the birthdays of three famous mathematicians in my field. I did have to give a talk, but not being one of the organizers for the conference made that week much less stressful than the first week had been! Indeed, it was a ton of fun. The conference had over 200 attendees, which is pretty huge for mathematics. I got to see lots of friends from all over the world, which was great! The week absolutely flew by and now I keep finding myself wishing I had had more time to talk to various people who were there.

This past week has been different still. The conference ended last weekend, and this past week and the coming week we are here for conferences in my special gentleman's field. After my two weeks of summer school and conference (and the weeks of hard work at home that led up to our trip), I needed a little break. So at the beginning of this week I went down to Los Angeles to visit my brother and his wife Ellen for a couple days. It was great to see them. We hung out, ate delicious food (tacos, Korean shabu shabu, etc), and went hiking. Here's a picture of Spencer and Ellen during our hike:

I came back up to Northern California on Wednesday, and since then I have been trying to get as much work done as I can, and hanging out with some of my dear friends who live here.

Overall, it has been a great trip! We have one more week at Stanford, then we are headed home for a few days before we leave on another trip (Paris and Switzerland). And then the semester starts! I can't believe it is already August. I am not ready for the summer to be over!

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