Sunday, August 12, 2012

Green Beans with Ginger Butter (Page 568)


  • Date: Thursday, June 21, 2012 -- 7pm
  • Location: Saugatuck, MI
  • Kitchen: Our Vacation Rental 
  • Fellow Chef: Matty
  • Dining Companions: Dave, Karen H, Brad, Deniz, Aylin, Dennis, and Tulin
  • Recipe Rating: B+

My special gentleman and I made these beans when we were on vacation with his family on Lake Michigan earlier this summer. We started by cooking green beans in boiling salted water until they were tender. Then my special gentleman cut fresh ginger into very thin matchsticks. I cooked the ginger in butter, then added the beans and cooked them until they were hot. We added lemon zest and seasoned with salt, and the beans were ready to serve! These beans were pretty good. They had a nice ginger flavor. The lemon from the zest was very subtle, and I would indeed add more zest in the future. I liked the buttery ginger matchsticks in the dish, but my special gentleman wasn't sure how he felt about them. The go-to recipe for green beans in our household is the Green Beans with Almonds recipe from the yellow book. I didn't like this recipe quite as well as that one, although these ginger beans were a bit lighter than the green beans with almonds, and hence would be better for certain occasions.

The recipe is here.

17 recipes down, 1089 to go!

Home sweet home! We traveled back from California yesterday after spending a month in Palo Alto, and I am very happy to be home! I had a great trip, but it feels wonderful to sleep in my own bed, cuddle my cats, and just be at home. The trip back yesterday was easy. We flew direct San Francisco to Detroit and rented a car for the hour and a half drive to Lansing. There is an airport in Lansing, but since I'm such a nervous flier, I would much rather drive that last leg than take a tiny plane from Detroit to Lansing! Our flight to Detroit was low-stress, even for me. There was basically no turbulence, the views out the window were beautiful, and there were tons of movie/TV/game choices. Plus I drank some wine, which helps me when I fly! We ran into a friend on the flight who was trying to get to North Carolina but who ended up stranded in Michigan overnight. So we took him home with us for the night. Another friend of ours, who lives in East Lansing, was on the flight too and he joined us for the drive back home. So we had a carful for the last leg of our trip, which was fun.

Today I slept late (very late!) and have spent the rest of this fine Sunday just enjoying being back at home. I went through a month's worth of mail, I started unpacking my luggage, I played with my kitties. For lunch we biked over to the Dairy Store on campus and got a milkshake! Plus I squeezed in some work. It's been a nice day. I am looking forward to being back in my office tomorrow morning.

I always used to say that I don't like to travel. I was reflecting on this on the flight home and realized that isn't quite right. I don't like to fly. But I do like to travel. On this trip I got to do lots of fun things, eat great food, learn interesting math, and most importantly, see good friends. Getting to hang out with Em, Brian, Sam, Joey, Spencer, Ellen, Grace, Chris, David, Mike, Teresa, Sami, Scarecrow, Brenda, Cate, Anna, Mike, Bert, etc, etc was completely wonderful. It was a good trip. As it turns out, I do like to travel. But I also like coming home!

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