Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Morels in Cream on Brioche (Page 66)


  • Date: Monday, April 20, 2009 -- 7pm
  • Location: Bloomington, IN
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Dining Companion: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: A-

I made this recipe because I had made homemade brioche the day before and I wanted to use it for this dish! Now normally I am a stickler for getting exactly the ingredients The Book indicates. If I can't find them, I don't make the recipe. In this case, though, I cheated. And not in a subtle, it-probably-doesn't-really-matter sort of way. I cheated big time. I didn't mean to. The grocery store where I shop usually has dried morels (which The Book lists as an acceptable substitute for fresh morels in this recipe), but when I got there, no morels to be found. I had already made the brioche though, and I knew this would be much, much better with yummy homemade brioche than with store-bought brioche. So I figured I would just substitute some other mushrooms. Big mistake. That's not to say that it was bad -- it certainly wasn't. But the whole time I was eating it I was thinking, "This would be so much better with morels." Oh well. Live and learn. This recipe was pretty simple. I cooked my fake morels in butter for a while, then added some flour, then some hot cream. I simmered until the mushrooms were tender then seasoned with salt and white pepper. I served the mushroom mixture over triangles of toasted brioche. The result: yum! I mean, how can you go wrong really? Yummy brioche topped with mushrooms cooked in a whole lot of cream. It certainly wasn't going to be bad. But it is the sort of thing where the better the mushrooms are, the better the dish will be! So I should have used better mushrooms. Even with my crappy mushrooms though, it was tasty. I'll try it again someday with morels.

The recipe is here.

It's that time of year -- the semester (and the whole academic year!) is drawing to a close. This is the last week of classes and I have just two lectures left. I am definitely experiencing a tiny bit of end-of-the-semester slump. Semesters are long. By week 13 or 14 I think most people feel the need for a little break. I went to a seminar talk this afternoon and attendance was about half of what it usually is -- I think everyone is just a little burnt out! Overall though, this year has just flown by for me. September feels like a couple weeks ago, and it's crazy to think that the summer is almost here. After this last week of classes I just have to grade my students' take-home finals and then I don't have any teaching obligations again until the end of August. Last year I spent the summer in Boston, leaving Indiana just a couple days after classes ended. So although I have lived in Bloomington for a couple years now, I have never been here over the summer. I am looking forward to spending some time here in the summer months! (Of course, since I seem to already have trips planned to Wyoming/Utah/Colorado, Germany, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Norway, maybe I won't be spending much time here after all! And if the house we are trying to buy in East Lansing works out, maybe we will be spending time there to...) In any event, I will be in Bloomington for most of May -- working on my research and getting ready for the wedding. It should be a nice month!


Will said...

The Kroger on College Mall Rd. has fresh morels. They are very expensive, but it's the only place in town that I've seen them.

I randomly came across your blog while looking for a suitable fishmonger in Bloomington, which it seems we both have found to be non-existent. My father gave me a copy of my grandmother's gourmet cookbook for a going away present when I moved to bloomington for law school. I have the seventh edition which my grandfather gave to my grandmother for her birthday in 1955. It's quite a special book.

Anyway, best of luck on your cooking journey. If you come across an A+ recipe for roasted whole fish I would appreciate a link. Whole snapper was this evening's dinner, and although it was much tastier than snapper off the bone I still found it lacking.



Teena said...

Thanks for the tip! I wouldn't have thought to look at Kroger.

I wish there was a good fishmonger in Bloomington! Butcher's Block has a few seafood things, but not much.

I'll let you know if I come across any exceptional recipes for whole fish. My favorite so far is this one: http://thegourmetproject.blogspot.com/2008/06/oven-steamed-whole-snapper-with-black.html