Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches (Page 178)

  • Date: Saturday, February 23, 2008 -- 2pm
  • Location: Menlo Park, CA
  • Kitchen: Emilee and Brian's Apartment
  • Fellow Chef: Rachel
  • Dining Companions: Emilee, Brian, Anh, Helen W, Alison, and many other baby shower guests...
  • Recipe Rating: B

There are a few tea sandwich recipes in The Book, and I don't have so many tea sandwich type occasions in my life, so I figured I would make some for Emilee's baby shower. These tea sandwiches were just ok. The recipe was very simple: make some chive butter, spread it on white bread, layer thinly sliced cucumbers on it, and top with some more white bread. They were simple to the point of being dull. It's hard to tell if I actually didn't like these tea sandwiches much, or if they just got shown up by the chicken salad tea sandwiches (which were amazing -- more on that when I blog about them). I think there was nothing particularly offensive about these tiny sandwiches. I ate a number of them and liked them fine. They were pretty dull though. They fell into that in-between category where I wasn't ashamed to be serving them to 40 guests, but I also would never make them again. They were neither delicate enough, nor flavorful enough to be ideal cucumber tea sandwiches.

This recipe isn't online.

Today felt impossibly like Monday. Traveling always throws me off schedule. The beginning of my week wasn't particularly relaxing -- I spent Monday and Tuesday in the Stanford math department, meeting with people and giving a seminar -- but it still doesn't feel like a weekday if I am not in my office at IU. Today I was back though, teaching my class and trying to prepare my students for their big midterm exam on Saturday (yes, Saturday -- weird, huh?).

I am secretly grateful that this exam is on a Saturday. It gives me a good excuse to be in town this weekend. In fact, this is the only weekend out of seven consecutive weekends that I will be in Bloomington. Another great excuse to stay in town this weekend is that Mike (aka Dr. Hill) is coming to visit! He is flying in later tonight and staying for a few days. I am looking forward to hanging out, catching up, and eating some book food! With him living in Virginia and me living in Indiana, I don't see as much of Mike as I like to. In fact, I don't think I have seen him since August (Can that be right? Wow, that's a long time...). Speaking of seeing Mike, I should head to the airport in a minute...

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