Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tapioca Pudding (Page 825)

  • Date: Sunday, February 17, 2008 -- 10pm
  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Kitchen: Matty's Apartment
  • Fellow Chef: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: C+

Matty and I are both huge tapioca pudding fans. The only reason we didn't make this recipe ages ago is that it has raw egg whites in it and I am hesitant to serve raw eggs to guests (I know, I know, it's pretty safe, but I had salmonella as a kid and I would feel horrible if I inflicted that on unsuspecting guests...). Matty and I were willing to take the risk for some delicious tapioca pudding. Unfortunately, this pudding was not-so-delicious. It's hard to imagine tapioca pudding being bad, but this pudding was a bit bad. It was just so odd. Instead of being flavored and textured like a pudding, it tasted just like whipped cream with tapioca balls mixed in. I like whipped cream just fine and I love tapioca balls, but if you mix the two together, I wouldn't call the result "pudding." It didn't even taste good. There wasn't much flavor to it, and the texture didn't work at all. Plus, it was intensely rich in a way that was unappealing. I love, love, love pudding, and I only ate two bites of this. In summary: not a winner.

This recipe isn't online. Not a huge loss.

One of the many purposes of my trip to California was to throw a baby shower for Emilee and Brian and Sam (their soon-to-be-born baby!). I arrived the day before the shower, and preparations became a little bit stressful at the end. The shower was held at Em and Brian's church. She made the guest list ages ago, and Rachel and I sent out formal invitations to which people has RSVPed. So, we had planned for a particular number of guests. The day before the shower the church secretary (who had been invited) got a little carried away and emailed the entire congregation, inviting them all! So we had no idea how many people were coming... Rach and I were a bit worried (just a tiny bit, right Rachel?!?). In the end though, it came out beautifully. We had enough plates, food, and shower favors for everyone who came, and it seemed like everyone had a fun time. It's hard to go too wrong with tea sandwiches, finger food, cake, and games!

The best part of it though was seeing the outpouring of love for Emilee, Brian, and Sam. I am so excited for Em and Brian and it was great to see how excited the 40 other guests were as well! This was the first time I had seen Emilee since she's been pregnant, and I am so glad I made it out there to celebrate with her! Throughout my stay we drank several bottles of dealcoholized wine (I kid you not -- it is completely disgusting though!) in celebration!


Rachel said...

It wasn't so much the unknown number of potential guests, but the fact that the first three ppl to show up were men when we had invited all women, that started to make me nervous...

Miss you already! But excited to hopefully see you in Boston!

Teena said...

Yeah, you're right -- that was the most nerve-wracking part! Luckily it all turned out well in the end.

I hope to see you in Boston too. And if not, I will see you at Chez Panisse at the end of the month. Yum!!! Am so excited!