Saturday, June 07, 2008

Corn Fritters (Page 616)


  • Date: Sunday, June 1, 2008 -- 8pm
  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Kitchen: Matty's Apartment
  • Fellow Chefs: Ana and Angelica
  • Dining Companions: Jenny, Kenny, and Matty
  • Recipe Rating: C

I do love to deep-fry, so I can hardly resist deep-frying at least one dish when I have people over for dinner! Lucky for me, The Book is big on deep-frying too, so I still have plenty of options! These corn fritters sounded promising, so we made them to go with dinner last Sunday. This recipe was disappointing. In concept it seemed good -- whole corn kernels suspended in batter and fried. In practice, the batter was incredibly bland and too liquidy for effective deep-frying. We had no choice but to add a little extra flour to the batter to get something that didn't completely fall apart when it hit the oil. The end result was texturally nice -- the fritters were crispy on the outside and doughy on the inside, studded with corn kernels. But the flavor was terribly bland. Usually a corn fritter would have some cornmeal in the batter to bring that corn flavor throughout the whole fritter, but this fritter was white flour-based and not seasoned nearly heavily enough. Everyone tried these fritters and no one really hated them, but people consistently offered up a C-range grade for this recipe. I love fried things, and I only ate one of these -- that's how un-compelling these fritters were!

The recipe in The Book is the same as this one, except the one in The Book calls for vegetable oil rather than olive oil, and 6 ears of corn rather than 8.

My first real boyfriend called me yesterday. (He wasn't actually my first boyfriend, but my first boyfriend got so mad after I broke up with him that he didn't really speak to me ever again. Worse, he tried to turn all of our friends against me. This was in high school, where there was no avoiding him and the whole situation made me feel bad. So I mentally block him out). So anyway, my first REAL boyfriend (aka boyfriend number two) called yesterday. He and I dated when I was 16 -- ages ago! -- and we still talk sometimes. Boyfriend number two is an all-around good guy. I broke up with him too (in retrospect, I can't even remember what the justification was -- I went through a long period in my life where I broke up with everyone I dated. Eventually, late in college, I got dumped by a boyfriend. I was so upset -- I cried and cried, and my male friends laughed at me. They said it was about time!) But he and I have remained friends over the years. I am one of those people that is still friends with almost everyone I have ever dated (boyfriend number one -- not so much -- but I probably would be if he hadn't stopped talking to me). For instance, I am still good friends with my ex-fiance. No one seems to understand that at all. My theory has always been that if you invest so much in someone, you shouldn't just cut him out of your life. Granted, I myself have questioned the validity of this theory at certain points, but in general I have lived by it. Talking to boyfriend number two yesterday I remembered why this seemed like a good idea in the first place. It's great to still have him in my life. He's a great guy, and now, more than 10 years after we dated, there is no old relationship weirdness between us and we can be good friends! It's proof that my crazy idea of being friends with my exes can actually work out...


Eileen said...

I have double standard about keeping friends with your ex.
I still keep in touch with two of my ex.
Sometimes people are just better off being friends than being in a relationship.
But I would hate it if my boyfriend is still friends with his ex.
Luckily he's the type that doesn't want to remain friends with his ex gfs.

Ruth Reichl said...

Sorry you hated this one. (It was great when the test cooks did it in the kitchen, but I'm not big on frying, myself, so it's not one of the recipes I'd make at home. When I asked around our office it turned out that the guys all fry food and most of the women don't. I'm not sure why.)
As for old boyfriends - I've never understood why you would have a deep relationship with someone and then just let them out of your life. I'm still really close to my first husband, Doug, and we've been divorced for more than 20 years.

mike hill said...

This is not related to the food, but I wanted to comment about how awesome it is, Ruth, that you are participating! As someone who has shown up in a few postings (and always in a very flattering light), I can attest that sometimes we would like to know more about what goes on behind the scenes with making The Book. I'm really glad to read your posts!

I should also add that Teena is an excellent chef. If you ever need test chefs in the future, she is someone to call.

Magdalen said...

I consider my ex-husband to be my "family of the heart," meaning that as I've known him for 37 years, he represents my past in more ways than the 7 years we were married. It helps that the divorce was a mutually decided-upon, and mutually advantageous development for both of us. Finally, he's a great travel companion for me and my current husband (whom I met through the ex; they've known each other for a couple decades). The ex's wedding present to us is an Alaska cruise for all three of us later this summer.

Yeah, I know -- that's doing pretty well in the ex-husband stakes! I'm well aware how lucky I am.

Teena said...

Eileen: Yeah it's difficult not to have a double standard on this issue. My special gentleman friend isn't too close with any of his exes, and I'm not sure how I would feel about it if he were!

Ruth: We didn't really hate it, we just found it bland! I completely agree about old boyfriends. Some of my closest friends are people that I once dated. I firmly believe that beautiful friendships can be born of romantic relationships that didn't work out.

Magdalen: Wow, it's so great that you are all able to be so close! "Family of the heart" is a lovely way of putting it. I consider my ex-fiance to be part of my family -- we have a very special bond that I am sure will continue throughout our lives.