Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Raspberry Semifreddo Torte (Page 865)

  • Date: Sunday, June 1, 2008 -- 9pm
  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Kitchen: Matty's Apartment
  • Dining Companions: Ana, Angelica, Matty, Jenny, and Kenny
  • Recipe Rating: B+

I don't have too many quick desserts left, but it turns out I have a few in the Frozen Desserts and Sweet Sauces section of The Book. So, I chose this dessert to go with dinner a couple weekends ago.

I subscribe to Netflix, and I absolutely love their service, but they have one quirky thing about them. When a movie comes in the mail, it comes in a little sleeve, which has a synopsis of the movie on it. Sometimes said synopsis is just fine, but pretty frequently it is written by someone who has clearly never seen the movie! The names of the characters are right, but their relationships are off, and the things that it claims will happen never do. It doesn't bother me -- in fact it is a great source of entertainment to watch the movie, and then read what Netflix thought happened during the movie! Why do I bring this up? Well, this recipe in The Book had a case of the Netflixes.

Each Book recipe has before it a little blurb about the recipe, and also how much "Active Time" and "Start to Finish" time the recipe is meant to take. Let me excerpt from the blurb for this recipe: "The raspberries, folded into the custard, freeze into little nuggets of pure flavor." Well, ok... but look at the picture above. Do you see any frozen nuggets of pure flavor? Nope. You know why? All the raspberries in this recipe get pushed through a fine mesh sieve, and the solids discarded, to form a raspberry puree, which is then folded into the custard. So what did the person eat who wrote that blurb? I dunno, but not this! That same person must have also decided on the active time for this recipe. It claims to be 15 minutes. I was skeptical. Does that look like it took only 15 minutes? In fact the recipe calls for various things to be beaten with a handheld electric mixer for more than 15 minutes. So apparently I was supposed to prep all the ingredients, make the crust, puree the raspberries, and assemble the dessert all in negative 2 minutes. I'm good, but I'm not that good!

Ok, so the blurb was nutty and the timing was off, but how did it taste? It tasted great! The frozen raspberry custard was divine! It was light, creamy, full of flavor, and simply delicious! The crust was also good, but it was too dry which caused it to be insanely crumbly. Usually this type of cookie crumb crust is very standard: ground up cookies, butter, sometimes sugar and sometimes ground nuts. This one was odd in that it had no added butter. It was made with shortbread cookies, which are essentially all butter, but apparently that wasn't enough. A bit of butter would have held it together better, avoiding the dry, crumbly problem. With that adjustment this recipe would be perfect! As it is, the crust was disappointing. The filling though -- yum!!!!

The recipe is here.

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