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Glazed Apples (Page 475)


  • Date: Tuesday, December 23, 2008 -- 6:30pm
  • Location: Madison, WI
  • Kitchen: My Mom's Apartment
  • Dining Companions: Matty, Spencer, Ellen, Terry and Teri
  • Recipe Rating: B

These apples were a component of a crown roast of pork recipe I made for our family Christmas dinner. This recipe was simple enough. I boiled sugar water, then added wedges of Gala apples and cooked them until they were tender. Then I removed the apples from the syrup (reserving the syrup) and places them on a baking pan. I sprinkled the apples with sugar, then broiled them, basting twice with the poaching syrup, for about five minutes. The idea was that all that broiling and basting would glaze the apples in a sugary glaze. That didn't actually happen though. The apples were nice and tender, and they were sweet from the sugar, but there was nothing glazed about them. In fact, the broiling step didn't seem to contribute much to the recipe at all. That said, apples cooked in sugar water are tasty, and these were no exception. I liked eating them just fine. However, if you are looking for a delicious accompaniment to roast pork (as this dish was meant to be) I think a good homemade applesauce would be better.

Here is the recipe.

After several weeks of holiday travel, I am back home in Indiana! My special gentleman and I were gone for 15 days, so it's nice to be back home. The way the timing worked out this year with the holidays and my teaching we got to spend longer than usual with my special gentleman's family. This year we spent 11 days with them in Columbus. We stayed so long partly because my special gentleman's younger brother Wes came back for Christmas. Wes lives in Myanmar, so we don't see him too often, and it is unusual for him to come back to the states for Christmas. (Side note: Wes brought amazingly funny gifts from Southeast Asia. For me and my special gentleman he brought a poster titled "The Food That Shouldn't Eat Together." It has pictures of food pairings that apparently can hurt you. With some pairings there is the warning "It will cause you die," while others seem to be less dangerous, with the warning "Some of the pairs cause you directly and some are not but it will largely affect your body resistance. So please be careful." [It's possible that might have made more sense before it was translated into English!] Some of the pairings to avoid: Meat(rhino) and fishes, coffee mix and jelly, sword bean and meat(goat), and my personal favorite: diamond and lime. Now, I have done a lot of cooking, but never have I seen a recipe call for diamonds! If I do though, I will know to avoid pairing them with limes!) Anyway, Wes was in town so we stayed in Columbus quite a while to see everyone, and in particular Wes. It was quite nice to be there for an extended time. We usually make short trips there -- four to six days. But with a more extended stay we got to see a lot of people, eat tons of good food, play a lot of games, etc... It was really fun and very festive!

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