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Miniature Crab Cakes with Tomato Ginger Jam (Page 47)


  • Date: Wednesday, December 31, 2008 -- 8pm
  • Location: Westerville, OH
  • Kitchen: Karen and Dave's House
  • Fellow Chef: Matty
  • Dining Companions: Brad, Deniz, Karen H, Dave, Wes, and a bunch of other partygoers...
  • Recipe Rating: B+

I made these crab cakes for Karen and Dave's New Year's Eve Party. I started by mixing together mayo, egg, mustard, Old Bay Seasoning, lemon juice, salt, pepper, Tabasco, and jumbo lump crab meat and letting the mixture sit in the refrigerator for several hours. Meanwhile I crushed cornflakes into small pieces and spread them in a shallow dish. To form the crab cakes I took a very small (heaping teaspoon) amount of the crab mixture and dredged it in the corn flakes, then put it on a baking sheet. I baked the crab cakes in batches until they were crisp and golden, then topped each one with a bit of tomato ginger jam (see post below). These crab cakes were very different than what I typically think of when I think "crab cake." For one, they were much smaller than the typical crab cake, which was perfect for an occasion like this one where we served them as hors d'oeuvres. Also, before it was baked the crab mixture was much looser (i.e. more liquidy) than a typical crab cake mixture. This made assembling them extremely messy (but in a fun way!), and it made the baked crab cakes a bit fragile. They were challenging to eat with your hands for that reason. A third difference was that these crab cakes were baked, rather than the more typical method of frying. I liked that they were baked, both because it was easy, and also because it made them less greasy. The cornflakes that they were coated in contributed a nice crunch, so I don't think the texture suffered at all from baking them rather than frying. I am not a huge fan of crab cakes in general, but I thought these were pretty good. They had a nice flavor, and the tomato ginger jam made them a bit fancier than just a plain old crab cake. They were well received at the party. Overall it was an easy hors d'oeuvres to make for a crowd and a nice change from a typical crab cake.

Here is the recipe.

Well I made it through day one of the semester. Starting the semester with pneumonia wouldn't be my first choice, but the day went ok. I taught my class and spent the rest of the day relaxing and trying to get well. My antibiotics seem to be working, as I am already feeling significantly better than I did yesterday. Still not great, but it's an improvement! I am hoping that in a couple more days I will feel more or less like normal. One difficult thing about being so sick is that even things I normally take for granted as simple parts of my life are suddenly difficult. For instance, I walk to my office every day from home. It's less than a mile, so it would be silly to drive. In fact I have never driven, so I have no idea where I would even park if I did! Walking less than a mile is a trivial thing under normal circumstances, but it's a bit harder with pneumonia. By the time I made it to work this morning I was exhausted. I had to take a good long breather when I got to my office. The last week has been like that -- everything I try to do is followed by a long rest to recover! Hopefully in the near future life will be back to normal.

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