Thursday, April 17, 2008

Grape-Nuts Ice Cream (Page 857)

  • Date: Thursday, April 17, 2008 -- 8pm
  • Location: Bloomington, IN
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Dining Companions: Terry, Teri, and Matty
  • Recipe Rating: C+

My parents are flying in tomorrow for a visit, so the next few recipes are all going to be of the dessert variety. My mother is a huge fan of dessert (even more so than me!), so I whipped up a few things with her in mind. Ice cream is at the top of her list, so I wanted to make at least one ice cream variety for her. I chose this one, but in retrospect I wish I had chosen something else. This ice cream isn't terrible, but it just isn't a great recipe. For starters, why would you want grape-nuts in your ice cream? I suppose it is novel -- I have certainly never eaten grape-nuts ice cream before -- but I don't think it works so well. Chopped pecans rather than grape-nuts would have provided the same crunch with a better flavor and texture. My other big issue with this ice cream was the richness. Normally homemade ice cream is made with egg yolks and a combination of heavy cream and whole milk. This recipe was all egg yolks and cream -- no milk. It was just too much. The end result was ultra-rich, to the point where I found it difficult to eat. Further it was so odd to have such a decadently rich ice cream studded with cereal. Honestly. Would you ever put heavy cream on a bowl of grape-nuts? I certainly wouldn't. Grape-nuts is a skim milk cereal if there ever was one. In summary, this recipe just didn't work for me. The flavor was fine, but the richness and the cereal really detracted. Hopefully my mother will like it more than I did!

Here is the recipe.

I am so frustrated with my students. Ok, that's unfair. I am not frustrated will all of them -- just a couple. I gave a quiz today, and for reasons I won't go into (that's another topic that will get me all riled and angry) I graded them myself rather than giving them to my grader. Most people did fine, so I was about as happy as one can be while grading, and then I came to a couple of papers that made me furious.

Infuriating paper number one: So this particular student forgot his calculator today. He asked if he could share with his neighbor and I said no. These are fancy calculators, and it is easy to retrieve the previous entries, so sharing calculators makes it easy to cheat. But I told him if he wrote down all his work and exactly what he would enter into the calculator to get the answer, I would give him full credit. He complained. I laid down the law. He went to work on the quiz. The second question was about the present value of a constant income stream. In case you have never taken (or taught!) business calculus: to solve it you needed to take the integral of 8000 e^{-.06 t} dt from 0 to 9. On this student's paper, he had NO WORK. Not the integral he needed to solve. NOTHING except for the number $55633.57 -- the correct answer. Now, I am pretty good at math, but I can't do powers of e in my head. Can you? You would need to do, for instance, e^{-.54}. IN YOUR HEAD. I dare you. Try it. What does this student think, I'm an idiot? He complained for 10 minutes about not having a calculator and then he pulls powers of e out of his ass? It makes me SO ANGRY. I make multiple versions of every quiz just to prevent this, but with 70 students it is hard to watch them every second. And so someone probably text messaged him the answer and he wrote it down. Grrrrr... Seriously, smoke is still coming out of my ears.

Infuriating paper number 2 (in case you still aren't mad): On a different problem, a student does all of the correct work, and arrives at the correct answer. Then, below the correct answer, he writes down, out of fucking nowhere, the correct answer to the same problem on the OTHER VERSION of the quiz. The whole point of having multiple versions is that the questions are all tweaked. The numbers are different. The ANSWERS are different. So why, oh why did he copy off the person next to him? Out of nowhere, appeared the answer to a question that was not on his paper. Incriminating, no? This couldn't have been accidental. We aren't talking about him writing down 2 when the answer was 4. The answer to his version was 332.30, and the other answer was 195.02. It just made it worse that he actually did the problem right before he cheated. He had the right answer. But there, underneath it, the answer he copied. Totally pisses me off.

So I gave both those students zeros. I suppose I could file some sort of cheating complaint against them, and probably I should, but I haven't decided yet if I will. Right now I am too angry to think straight. I trust my students. Apparently though some of them don't deserve it.


Rachel said...

Wow, I think that even beats out the time three students, all friends and all in the same discussion section, turned in the exact same identification answers to me for a take home exam (copied from wikipedia, incidentally).

P.S. I'm going to call you this weekend, I promise! I'm studying for comprehensive exams right now and it makes me want to cry! 292 books down, 8 to go.

vero said...

Did I tell you about the guy who had PTO in the MIDDLE of the pages?
(PTO = Please turn over)

Teena said...

Rach: Wow, that's pretty bad! Ah, students... No rush on calling me back. My parents are actually visiting this weekend (and staying with me) so I won't have much time to talk. But we can catch up next week. When is your exam?

Vero: That's AWESOME! Wow, what an idiot! Was this a Harvard student? I thought they were supposed to be smart :)

vero said...

No. I have not caught any Harvard students cheating.

It was back in Canada.
A "mathematics for computer science" class. These kids did not care one bit.

One week about 50% of the class turned in the same assignment! I guess they have been doing this for a while. But the person they copied off of switched his function from a f to a g in the middle of a problem. So it got quite obvious very fast!

The Professor told me to ignore it!!! So, I yelled at the entire class for 10 minutes and threw their assignment in the trash in front of them and walked out. It was very liberating! But they got off...

Teena said...

I can't believe the professor told you to just ignore it. You were right to storm out. That's infuriating!

Magdalen said...

I feel your pain, people. Back in the middle ages, when I was a grad student/teaching assistant in philosophy, my professor told me to give Ds to two students who had clearly and unequivocally failed. The ONLY reason was that a failing grade would require the professor -- who didn't disagree that they'd failed -- to justify the grade and maybe answer to an angry parent. I lost respect for the professor, who was an expert in [wait for it] Moral Philosophy and Ethics. What a putz.

Teena said...

Wow. Yeah, there is definitely a tendency amongst university faculty to avoid any situation which is going to cause confrontation or paperwork. I see where people are coming from on that, but it's a disservice to all the students if academic standards, and some basic code of conduct, are not maintained!