Thursday, March 20, 2008

Onion Parmesan Toasts (Page 34)

  • Date: Sunday, March 9, 2008 -- 8pm
  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Kitchen: Matty's Apartment
  • Fellow Chef: Ricky
  • Dining Companions: Matty, Matt, Ana, Craig, Alex, Peter, and Grace
  • Recipe Rating: A-

This is another appetizer that I chose because I thought it would be not-so-good so I figured I would make it for close friends! This recipe surprised me though. Although it sounded totally unappetizing, these little toasts came out very tasty. There wasn't much too them: slightly toasted cocktail pumpernickel was topped with a mixture of raw onion and mayonnaise, sprinkled with parmesan and then broiled until bubbly. It doesn't sound so good, does it? Shockingly though, it totally worked. These little bites were the first thing to disappear at the gathering. And while no one was willing to really gush about them being fabulous, most people liked them. Ana wished she hadn't been told they were topped with mayonnaise -- she liked them, but it just sounded so bad! Alex didn't like the basically raw onions in the dish. Normally I also prefer cooked onions to raw, but the raw onions worked for me here. It's hard to really pinpoint what was good about this recipe, but it was indeed good. Strangely, I think this was actually my favorite thing I ate that night. They weren't particularly fancy, or exciting, but they tasted good! For a very quick appetizer, I was happy with them.

Here is the recipe.

Tomorrow I am off to California for ten days. I'll be attending the String Topology Workshop at Stanford next week, meeting with Mike, and seeing friends! I am very much looking forward to it. My special gentleman and I are actually attending the conference together (a first for us), so he and I are meeting up in the San Jose airport late tomorrow night. We've never traveled to California together before (well technically I guess we aren't traveling together this time either -- but we'll be there together... I cannot even express how much I am looking forward to someday actually being able to fly places together, rather than meeting up in some faraway airport). I am excited about the opportunity to go with him to a place that has so much significance to me.

Another exciting aspect of the trip: To thank Rach and I for throwing her a baby shower, Emilee made reservations for the three of us at Chez Panisse! I have never been to a restaurant so famous and I am totally excited! Our reservation is next Friday and Emilee's baby is due four days later. I am going to laugh so hard if she goes into labor during dinner. Seriously though, it will be amazing to see Emilee again, and I am secretly holding out hope that I will get meet baby Sam on this trip! My friendship with Emilee is such a huge source of joy in my life and I am so excited for her and Brian about this baby!


Kevin said...

These were a very pleasant surprise for me to. I needed a last minute appetizer, and the 10 minute prep time seemed right, but they were excellent. I've made them a few times since, and they're always very well recieved.

Teena said...

Yeah, it's weird huh? They don't sound so good, but magically they were very tasty! What a nice surprise!