Sunday, March 02, 2008

Shitake-Bok Choy Soup with Noodles (Page 95)

  • Date: Friday, February 29, 2008 -- 8pm
  • Location: Bloomington, IN
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Dining Companion: Mike and Matty
  • Recipe Rating: C-

Mike and I picked an Asian-inspired main course for dinner on Friday, so pairing it with an Asian-inspired soup seemed only natural. Mike and I both had the same reaction to this soup: it looked beautiful and tempting. It kept calling to us, "Eat me!" So I would move closer to the bowl, and pick up the spoon before being hit by the smell -- The Smell! By the time the spoon was close enough to my face for the food to go into my mouth, my face had involuntarily turned away from the smell. I would put my spoon back in my soup, push the bowl away, and eat some delicious pork stir-fry. Five minutes later, it would again tempt me with its enticing look and the entire thing would be repeated. Mike had the same experience. What was the smell, you ask? Bonito (aka katsuobushi, aka dried fish shavings). Bonito is commonly found in Japanese cuisine, and I am not, in general, opposed to it. In this instance though, it was tremendously overpowering. The rest of the ingredients were mild (soba, mushrooms, bok choy) so the only strong flavor was that of the dried fish. It was just too much. I wanted to eat it, I really did. I love noodle soups! But past a few bites, I just couldn't. Mike did a bit better, but still left more than half his serving.

Here is the recipe.

Mike left early this afternoon to head onwards in his multi-stop journey. It was so fun having him visit! Friday night we made a big dinner and went to the movies (one of my favorite things about Bloomington: five dollar movies and free refills on the ICEEs). On Saturday I gave my midterm, but fortunately it was all graded and done with by the early afternoon. So mid-afternoon Mike and I went to one of the area wineries. There are a number of wineries around here, and not only had I not visited one of them yet, but in fact I had never in my life been to a winery! It was such fun! There was a huge tasting bar, and we each sampled 6 different wines. I also tasted Mike's choices of course. Those of you who know me well can probably imagine how stumbling drunk I was after 12 wine samples! After we were good and tipsy we went on a winery tour, which was fun and educational! To finish our winery experience we took a walk around the pond. Evidence that I was clearly not in my straight mind: I went out on a pier with Mike, bending over the water to look at the fish. It's a miracle that he didn't push me in! Saturday evening we met Tricia, Paul, Beth, Lauren, and Jeremy at a brew pub for dinner -- as if we hadn't already had enough alcohol! Actually Mike's allergic to beer, and I was past my alcohol limit for the day already, so we didn't drink, but we did have a fun dinner!

Now Mike is off, and I am doing some work, cleaning up my apartment, and relaxing before the week begins!


Magdalen said...
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Magdalen said...

This has nothing to do with smelly soup.

I did make your luscious chocolate cake with chocolate-peanut butter frosting. As promised, I've posted photos of it, plus a glowing appreciation of The Gourmet Project, on my blog:

Teena said...

That is so sweet!! Thank you!!