Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mustard Mayonnaise (Page 886)

  • Date: Saturday, May 10, 2008 -- 7pm
  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Kitchen: Matty's Apartment
  • Dining Companions: Matty, Mike, Matt, Ricky, Ana, Craig, Grace, Alex, Gunther, Angelica, Jenny, Vero, and Pam
  • Recipe Rating: B

This was yet another of the many mayonnaises that I made for the mayo tasting on Saturday (Clearly, despite my promise to not blog about all the mayonnaises in a row, that is what I have been doing... Sorry about that. There's a reason, having to do with The Book being heavy and the internet connection at Matty's place being crappy... Hopefully I will start mixing in some non-mayo recipes tomorrow.) This mayonnaise was fine. The consistency was about right -- it was neither offensively thick or thin. The flavor was exactly what you would expect from a mustard mayonnaise. Picture that mustard-mayo combo condiment that they sell at the store for people who are too lazy to put the mustard and mayo on their sandwiches separately (by the way, who are those people?!? Intrigued, I look for some sort of justification for that product. Here it is: "Hellmann's® Dijonnaise™ Creamy Dijon Mustard is authentic Dijon mustard blended with mayonnaise for a uniquely smooth taste you'd expect from Hellmann's®."). Anyway, this tasted like that stuff, except without the highly-processed taste you'd expect from Hellmann's®. It was fine -- completely unobjectionable in my opinion. It was certainly a step up from mixing some mustard into a jar of mayo (or buying Dijonnaise), so if you are looking for that kind of thing, this recipe is worth a try.

This recipe isn't online.

I am totally back in the swing of things this week. Last week was rough -- it took me a few days to regain focus and motivation after my grandmother's death. I never cope very well with people dying, and part of my process involves laying in bed for a couple days. This week, though, I am doing much better. I have been going into the department every day and getting work done. I have also been following my half-marathon training schedule to a tee. I haven't been cooking much since the weekend (since we did 14 recipes on Saturday, I am taking a little breather!), but I have been attempting to do some catch-up on my blogging. Happily, I am feeling like myself again! It helps that the weather is beautiful -- sunny and warm without being too hot. Nothing puts me in a good mood like gorgeous spring weather. Usually I eagerly anticipate the first hot sunshine of summer, but this year, with my crazy running schedule, I am more wary than usual about the heat. It is going to get hot, and I am going to be running, at it will be miserable I am sure. But we're not there yet! The weather is beautiful, and I am enjoying it while I can!

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