Monday, May 12, 2008

Strawberry Jam (Page 923)

  • Date: Thursday, May 8, 2008 -- 5pm
  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Kitchen: Matty's Apartment
  • Dining Companion: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: A

I was in a bad mood on Thursday, and decided that trying my hand at a new project would improve my demeanor. So I learned to can! Perhaps I am overly-enthusiastic about this jam because it was my very first canning experience, and I am so delighted with myself for having produced something edible and vacuum-sealed. However, I think it really is the case that this jam is delicious! The grocery-store strawberries were looking mutantly enormous and unflavorful, so I opted to make this instead with frozen organic strawberries (an acceptable substitute for fresh ones in this recipe, according to The Book). The jam came out a very nice consistency, with a lovely strawberry flavor. The amount of sugar was just perfect -- it brought out the sweetness of the berries without making the jam overly sweet. Yum! I followed the canning procedures in The Book exactly, and 3 out of my 4 jars sealed perfectly. The seal was a little loose on one of them, so I just threw that jar in the fridge for myself. I sent a couple jars to my mom for Mother's Day, but I haven't heard how she likes it yet. Matty and I both gave this jam two thumbs up though. Delicious!

Here is the recipe.

Last year at this time I was working hard towards doing a pull-up. Since completing that fitness goal, I hadn't really committed myself in any serious way to a new one. Well, my lazy days are over. I have decided to train for a half-marathon. Yeah, yeah, I know... a half-marathon isn't really very long. But I am pretty sure a full marathon is out of reach for me at this point, even if I train for months, and a half-marathon seems like a good goal. I am planning to run it in the fall, which gives me the whole summer to get in shape. It's probably overkill to start training now, but I would like to not only run the half-marathon, but also make running a more serious part of my life in a long-term sense. I have a training schedule (shamelessly stolen from some book), which involves running five days a week. This past week was my first week of training, and I made it through (just barely!)! I like running, but I am not in particularly good shape right now, so it's a struggle. My special gentleman claims that it will get easier as I adjust to the five-days-a-week schedule. So far, I am not convinced, but hopefully he's right. Otherwise it is going to be a long few months!


Rachel said...


Can we go running together when I get there? I'm slow...but that would be so fun! That's one of my favorite things ever (running with friends, that is).

Also, can you teach me how to can? I'm planning a rooftop veggie garden...Love, R

mkd said...

Hi Teena, I am a total stranger who reads your blog religiously, but I must tell you that I am a fellow Cardinal (grad school, though), former resident of Somerville, high school math teacher, I love to cook, and I have dated two boys who I affectionately called Matty. So, your blog is really fun for me to read.

A few things: I was happy to hear about how you handled the cheating incidents in your class. It's always a tough call as a teacher, but in the end you have to follow your gut and keep your expectations high. Second, this recipe today totally inspired me to make some jam. I'm out here in Menlo Park and the farmer's markets are busting with strawberries. Finally, I think I consider myself a runner, and I will argue that it's definitely not overkill to start training for a fall half-marathon now, nor is it a short distance. Sure, it's not 26.2, but it's still challenging. I start my half marathon training next Monday for a race in October, so I'm right there with you. I hope you can stay consistent and injury free.

Thanks for maintaining a fun blog.

Magdalen said...

Love the jam; time to make scones & clotted cream. (Sorry, I'm totally missing the English "cream tea" thing.)

Teena said...

Rach: Yeah, we should definitely go running together when you get here. I guarantee I run more slowly than you! We can also can. I have a bunch of canning left to do in The Book and it would be fun not to do it alone!

mkd: That is a crazy number of coincidences! Our lives have definitely had some overlap! I'm jealous that you are out in Menlo Park! It's so beautiful out there at this time of year (well, really at all times of year!). Good luck with you half-marathon training. Mine is going ok so far... no injuries yet!

Magdalen: Mmmmm.... yeah I could definitely go for some scones and clotted cream with my jam!