Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Chocolate Souffle (Page 840)

  • Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2006 - 9pm
  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Fellow Chefs: Craig and Peter
  • Dining Companions: Ana, Marco, and Matt H
  • Recipe Rating: A-

Ana and I picked out this dessert last Wednesday because she wanted something chocolate! It was extremely good. It had a rich chocolate flavor, and was pleasantly sweet without being cloying. The texture was perfect -- very light and a little gooey in the center. Someone had joked earlier that to get an A grade, the food had to be good enough to serve to your mother-in-law. When I gave this souffle an A- Matt's response was, "What would you serve to your mother-in-law that would be better than this?!?" He's right, it was good. My only (small) complaint is that it tasted very slightly eggy to me. Maybe a darker chocolate, or a touch of vanilla would solve that problem.

When I lived in California, I told Emilee everything... ok, clearly not everything. But I told her everything worth telling that wouldn't violate anyone else's confidence. In Boston I don't really do that. Maybe it's because most of the people I am close to here are also colleagues. Maybe I have just become more private. Maybe I am afraid of being judged... I don't know. I'm not particularly private about most aspects of my life -- I certainly tell a lot of people a lot of different things. And my friends here are fantastic, and wonderful listeners! But there isn't anyone that I tell everything to. Recently I made a new friend, and for the first time in a long time, I have felt compelled to spill everything. I don't know if it's because he is very non-judgemental, or because I believe that he would continue to respect and care about me no matter what I say, or because he thinks about things in such a similar way to me. I don't know what it is. Today he asked me something though, and I didn't answer. It makes me wonder if I am just not capable of having that kind of friendship any more. I still don't keep things from Emilee, but maybe it's harder to form that kind of friendship when you are older. I don't know. As soon as I didn't answer, he guessed the correct answer to his question. I suppose that is a testimony to the fact that he knows me pretty well. Or maybe it is a reminder that I could have just told him...

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