Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Berries with Orange and Sour Cream Shortcake (Page 814)

  • Date: Sunday, April 29, 2007 -- 8pm
  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Kitchen: Matty's Apartment
  • Fellow Chef: Matty
  • Dining Companions: Dave and Karen H
  • Recipe Rating: B

I picked this dessert to go with dinner a few weeks back because I figured it had to be amazing. Really, how can you go wrong with biscuits, whipped cream, raspberries, blueberries, AND blackberries? Sadly though, it wasn't as delicious as I had imagined it would be. The biscuits were more chewy and less flaky than they could have been. And while I am usually a fan of orange zest, I didn't think it contributed positively to the biscuits. The berries were delicious (obviously!), but having three types seemed like a bit of overkill. I would have preferred just the raspberries alone. As it was the berries were pretty overwhelming. This dessert was certainly tasty, but it didn't hold a candle to the recipe in The Book for strawberry shortcake, which is awesome! So if you are craving some berry shortcake (as I pretty much always am) I would recommend that recipe over this one.

Yesterday in Babytop (the graduate student topology seminar) we played Jeopardy! I organized the game and wrote the questions with the help of Andre, Vigleik, Mike Hill, and Chris. Some of the questions were math questions, some were more gossip about mathematicians. We divided everyone in to two teams. I was Alex Trebek. Haynes kept score. In the end, the score was something like 15,000 to 0. Although the score doesn't reflect it, the game was pretty evenly matched throughout. One the teams bet all their points at the end though, to try to catch the other team. And as you can see, they didn't quite do it! The funnest part was seeing people try to decipher the names of the categories to figure out what the questions in them would be about. Peter helped me name all the categories, and his ideas were great. Here's a list of the names of the categories, with explanations...

STANDS FOR -- given the following topology acronyms, identify what they stand for
TOPOLOGY FOR BEAVERS -- questions in this category are about the MIT topology group
STARTS WITH "TOP" -- the responses in this category start with "top"
ENDS WITH "OLOGY" -- identify words ending with "ology" from their definitions
ALEJANDRO'S FAMILY -- questions in this category are about cohomology operations
SIGNIFICANTS -- identify these topologists given the names of their significant others
YOUR SERVE -- questions in this category are about point-set topology
HE HATH HER CHART -- questions in this category are about things in Hatcher
IT'S ALL THE SAME IN THE END -- questions in this category are about stable homotopy theory
"TOPOLOGY" -- questions in this category are about topography
R IS FOR ROBERT -- questions in this category are about Haynes Miller
MELISSA JOAN HART -- question in this category are about Mike Hopkins
BUZZ LIGHTYEAR -- questions in this category are about E-infinity ring spectra
SKI VACATION -- questions in this category are about the Talbot conference
THE GIANT SQUID -- questions in this category are about tmf
MASS-MARKETED -- questions in this category are about things in Massey

Hopefully Jeopardy will become a Babytop tradition, because everyone seemed to have a good time. Thanks to all the Babytop alums who helped out with question-writing!

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