Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Celery Root Bisque (Page 102)

  • Date: Sunday, April 22, 2007 -- 7pm
  • Location: Framingham, MA
  • Kitchen: Michael and Ephriam's House
  • Fellow Chef: Chris
  • Dining Companions: Richard, Anita, Michael, Renato, Richard H, Jack, and Matty
  • Recipe Rating: B-

When Chris and I lived together we went through a long (and delicious!) pureed soups phase, so whenever I cook with him I feel compelled to make soup. I don't have so many pureed vegetable soups left to make from The Book, so this one was chosen mainly by process of elimination. This soup was ok. We omitted the optional duck confit and whipped cream (the confit because it was hard to find and the whipped cream because we didn't feel like locating a mixer in an unfamiliar kitchen). In retrospect, it may have been worth it to put in the effort to find the optional confit. For one, duck confit is delicious. Plus, my main complaint about the soup was that it was too overwhelmingly celery flavored -- I think the confit would have done wonders to balance it. As it was, this soup was delicious for the first few bites, and then (in my opinion) quite hard to eat. Celery is a very strong flavor, and even the milder celery root has an unmistakable celery kick to it. The soup was flavorful, but it wasn't a flavor that I wanted to eat a whole bowl of. Chris and I agreed that it would have benefited from some milder flavors to add depth and mellowness. Some potatoes and leeks, for instance, would have helped this soup a lot. The texture was lovely though. This recipe would make an excellent amuse bouche, but I wouldn't recommend it for a soup course.

I am officially in hiding. My thesis is due in the very near future, and on the general principle that these things take as long as you let them, I am still not ready to turn it in. So I am hiding. You might think that the office would be the right place to go if you want to get a lot of work done, but sometimes there are just too many distractions. The problem with really enjoying the company of the people you work with is that it can be hard to focus on your work when you could be eating cookies and doing the crossword with them instead.

So I stayed home today. Added bonus of working from home: I am still in my pajamas! I bought this really comfy pair of bright red Indiana University sweatpants when I was in Bloomington, and now I feel like wearing them pretty much all the time. If I work from home, I can!

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