Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tarte Tatin (Page 774)

  • Date: Sunday, April 22, 2007 -- 8:30pm
  • Location: Framingham, MA
  • Kitchen: Michael and Ephriam's House
  • Fellow Chef: Chris
  • Dining Companions: Michael, Richard H, Renato, Jack, Richard, and Anita
  • Recipe Rating: B+

I picked this one to make for dessert a couple weeks ago because it is a simple dessert that I had not made yet. It was pretty good. Everyone else around the table was much more excited about it than I was. I enjoyed eating it -- I mean, tarte tatin is never going to be bad. But I didn't think it was awe-inspiring. For one thing, it wasn't as attractive as it might have been. The apples around the edge stuck to the pan when I inverted it. The puff pastry crust puffed up, as it was supposed to, but it shrunk in diameter, and hence didn't cover the bottom of the tart. Chris declared the taste "simple and delicious." It was definitely simple, but I was leaning a bit more towards "simple and boring." The caramel flavor wasn't as strong and rich as I had expected and hoped for. I'm not really complaining -- it was definitely good. But I probably wouldn't select this recipe to make tarte tatin again.

I am turning in my thesis on Friday and it is almost done! Yay! It's amazing how long editing takes, but the end is in sight. I have a complete draft. I am headed back to the office in a minute to finish putting it in official MIT thesis format (yes, I am headed in to the office at 10pm!). Tomorrow I am going to read for typos, etc... and then on Friday I will print it on the fancy acid-free thesis paper, and be done with it! I have been looking forward to that day for quite a while now!

Well, I should head in the office now. Formatting awaits!

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