Saturday, August 04, 2007

Roasted Okra (Page 552)

  • Date: Monday, July 30, 2007 -- 8pm
  • Location: Southborough, MA
  • Kitchen: Richard and Anita's House
  • Fellow Chef: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: B

I have been trying to make this dish for a few weeks, but I have been grocery shopping mostly at the not-fancy grocery store (READ: Star Market) where they have no okra. Last week I had to go the fancy grocery store (READ: Whole Foods) so I picked up the okra for this recipe while I was there. This dish was ok. Truth be told, I am not a huge okra fan. Luckily Matty likes it, so he ate the entire recipe minus the one piece that I ate. This dish was very simple, so if you like okra you are bound to like it, and if you don't, it's probably not going to change your mind. The okra was tossed with oil, oregano, salt, and pepper and then roasted until tender. Not much to it. Since I am not an okra fan, I will give you the opinion of someone who is: Matt thought it was tasty, and would eat it again, but he wasn't wowed by it.

There is no recipe for this one online.

This evening I am off to Norway for a conference. I have never been to Scandinavia before, so I am excited about my upcoming Norwegian adventure. This conference is big, and many of my close friends are going so it should be fun. The fancy conference participations (e.g. the speakers) are all staying at some hotel. But it was expensive so a big group of us organized to share a couple apartments instead. I'm not sure exactly how many of us are staying in what Veronique has tagged "Commune Vigleik" -- I lost count around 11 or 12. I'm sure it will be crazy!

It's a long trip to Oslo, but luckily Mike is traveling with me. I vastly prefer flying with a friend over flying alone. Honestly, I am still not particularly looking forward to the long flight, but I am sure I will be fine once we get in the air.

If I have internet access I will definitely blog from Norway. I am backlogged by a week's worth of recipes for just that purpose!


HeatherCheryl said...

Looks delish! Another recipe I cannot find online is Tomato and Dill Soup. I had some in a restaurant recently, it was the highlight of the meal, absolutely wonderful. The chef wouldn't share. ;(

Uncledee said...

Great okras! they look nicely done. i stumbled upon your blog through food porn watch and found out that both our blogs have alot in common lol

Teena said...

I am glad you both came across my blog! Welcome!

Rebecca said...

Roasted? I would never have thought of roasting okra. Since I do like okra, I will have to try your recipe. My dad likes it boiled with a little butter, salt, and pepper, but I'm not fond of the mucilaginous result. Okra is prepared to best advantage by frying or pickling imho. If you have never liked it, I would suggest you try it one of those two ways before giving up on it completely. LOL

One of my favorite ways to prepare okra is to cut it into little round segments and soak it in buttermilk. To the buttermilk, you can add a splash of hot sauce, some cayenne pepper, or an imaginative blend of herbs. (I've been wondering if chives wouldn't be interesting.) Coat the buttermilk soaked okra in white corn meal and fry over low heat in olive oil until golden brown. Serve with a ramekin of buttermilk ranch dressing for dipping. Yes, I realize I just made junk food out of an otherwise healthy vegetable, but it is tasty.

Teena said...

Wow, that sounds really good! I like pretty much anything that is cornmeal crusted and fried, so I will definitely have to give your okra recipe a try!