Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cheese Blintzes (Page 649)

  • Date: Friday, September 14, 2007 -- 7pm
  • Location: Bloomington, IN
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Fellow Chef: Teri
  • Recipe Rating: B

My mother chose these blintzes for dinner last night (yes, blintzes are my mother's idea of dinner!). They weren't bad, but I wasn't crazy about them. Cheese blintzes are just crepes, filled with a sweetened mixture of cottage cheese, farmer cheese, lemon, vanilla, and raisins. Farmer cheese was nowhere to be found, so I improvised my own by mixing some drained cottage cheese with some ricotta. The resulting filling was pretty tasty. It would have been tastier without the raisins and with less vanilla. I am almost always a believer in increasing the amount of vanilla in everything, but in this particular case the vanilla flavor overpowered the cheese in the filling. So these blintzes tasted more like vanilla cream filled crepes than cheese blintzes. They were still good, although I'm not convinced they were worth the effort. We had leftover filling, which should have gone in the blintzes, but there was a bit of a dilemma: those that were more filled tended to burst in the last stage of cooking, which resulted in all the filling oozing out. Those that were less filled cooked easily but didn't taste as good as those that were more filled (and didn't burst). So it was a careful balance. I think we erred a little bit too low on the amount of filling we used. My recommendation if you make them: try to jam in as much filling as you can while still allowing yourself to roll them up tightly and securely.

This recipe is not online.

Tonight is my first night alone in my apartment. Matt was here my first week, and the day he left my mother arrived. But my mom left today so now I am here all by myself... After bringing her to the airport in Indianapolis, I had a very relaxing afternoon. I did more of the many administrative things I still haven't finished (e.g. benefits enrollment forms -- fun, fun!), then I made a trip to the grocery store, followed by a nice long run. Now I am cooking! I have a huge pot of ghoulash simmering on the stove.

Because I have had visitors here since I arrived, I haven't made any effort yet to meet people outside the math department. It would probably be good to know some non-mathematicians. Tomorrow I am going to a university-wide picnic for new faculty -- perhaps I will meet some new people there.

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