Friday, September 14, 2007

Rosti (Page 566)

  • Date: Friday, September 14, 2007 -- 7pm
  • Location: Bloomington, IN
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Fellow Chef: Teri
  • Recipe Rating: A-

My mom chose cheese blintzes for dinner tonight, so I chose this shredded potato cake to go with them. It was pretty good -- definitely an improvement over the other shredded potato pancake in The Book. In this recipe the potatoes are cooked before they are shredded, which means that shredding essentially turns them into mashed potatoes. They are then seasoned and fried in a big pancake until golden on both sides. Very, very simple. What you end up with is fluffy mashed potatoes with a crust. Yum. It was impossible to slide it onto a plate, as suggested in the recipe, so I flipped it directly out of the pan when it needed to be moved. My only real complaint about this recipe is that it was a little too buttery for me. I love butter as much as the next girl (probably more!), but still, this recipe had more oil and butter than it needed. Aside from that: delicious! It would be an excellent accompaniment to either a brunch or a dinner.

The recipe in The Book is almost exactly the same as this one.

I had a bad day once in college, and I went to Fry's and bought myself a TV to make myself feel better. It was little (13 inches I think) and Emilee and I hardly ever watched it, but it improved my attitude that day. Emilee kept waiting for me to have another bad day and buy a DVD player so we could watch movies, but I never bought one.

Now, more than 8 years later, I still have that little TV. It never really occurred to me to buy a bigger one. But Vigleik and Shihchi just upgraded their TV, so when V came to visit on Monday, he brought me their old one. It's huge compared to the one I have had all these years (25 inches!). I just set it up this evening. Although I had never thought to buy a bigger TV, it's pretty exciting to have one. I can see everything so clearly from so far away! Shocking! Now I can watch my favorite TV shows (Top Chef and The Closer) in style! I may have to buy that DVD player after all...


Meghan said...

Hi Teena and Teri! I miss you both! So last night we watched Top Chef (on our 56" TV - it's excessive) and tonight we went to dinner for my bday and ... we HAD to order something for dinner with parmasean cheese! Oh, but it was a Peruvian place in Madison (Inka Heritage) which was just awesome! I love reading your blog - it's nice to know what's happening in your life. ~Meghan

Teena said...

Happy Birthday! Mmmmm... Peruvian sounds good. I didn't even know there was a Peruvian place in Madison!