Monday, September 03, 2007

Lemon Thins (Page 670)

  • Date: Friday, August 31, 2007 -- 9pm
  • Location: Bloomington, IN
  • Kitchen: My New Apartment!
  • Dining Companions: Matty, Paul K, Beth, Jeremy, Chris J, Tricia, Teri, etc...
  • Recipe Rating: B+

I was in the mood for cookies, and I picked these because they looked simple and tasty. They were pretty good. I think whoever wrote the recipe was making a different kind of cookie though. For one thing, the preface to the recipe says that these cookies will have "slightly crisp edges," when in fact these cookies are completely crispy through and through. Also, the directions tell you to roll teaspoons of the dough into balls and then gently flatten them with your palms. This dough was approximately the consistency of peanut butter. Imagine trying to roll peanut butter into little balls and then flattening it with your palms -- needless to say it was not pretty. On the upside, the cookies tasted good. They had a serious lemon kick, and the crispy texture was quite nice. I liked them quite a bit. Six year-old Jeremy disagreed. After one bite: "I don't like it." I guess it goes to show that you can't please everyone!

Here is a recipe very similar to the one in The Book, however the one in The Book calls for rolling in little balls rather than making a log, chilling, and slicing.

Things have been so crazy lately that I flew right by the 500 recipe mark on my project without even noticing. It's hard for me to believe that I have made and blogged about 500 recipes from The Book. Crazy! I haven't yet really gotten into the swing of cooking in Indiana though. Hopefully that will happen soon. Matty left today though, so I am without my favorite dining companion...

Indiana University has classes on labor day, so I taught all morning today (today: integration by parts). I more or less forgot it was a holiday until I got in the car to go to the airport and every radio station was wishing me a happy holiday weekend. At the airport in Indianapolis I dropped Matty off and picked up my mom. She flew in today for a visit, which will be fun. I spent the evening showing her the various sites of Bloomington (or at least the ones that I know about!) so that she will have something to do while I am working. Now I think I might need a nap. It's only Monday and I am so sleepy!


Anonymous said...

I thought these were terrific. Mine were just as advertised, cripy edges and a bit chewy in the middle. Looking at your photo, perhaps you baked yours a bit longer than what the recipe says.

I do agree that the dough would be hard to handle without dusting your palms with a bit of flour. The recipe should tell people to do that. I also dip my teaspoon in flour so the dough comes right out and I can keep the cookies a uniform size.

I also had a hard time removing the cookies from the cookie sheet right away as instructed. When I waited a minute or so, the cookies stiffened up a bit and were much easier to pick up.

Nevertheless, due mostly to the fabulous taste and quick and easy prep of these cookies, I'd give them an A.

Thanks for your blog ... love it!

Teena said...

It's interesting to hear that yours turned out just as advertised -- I wonder what I did differently!

Yeah, flour on my hands would have been a big improvement. I try to make the recipes exactly as written so that my grading is fair, but perhaps I should have gone ahead and dusted my hands with some flour anyway!

Anonymous said...

No quibble about your grade! You absolutely should go by what is written. My A would be for the product alone.

I think the difference in our outcomes was probably how long you baked them. I also tend to cream the sugar and butter for a really, really long time. I used to just cream it until smooth, but now I keep on for several more minutes until it's really white and fluffy. I learned that trick a while ago and it improves the texture of any baked product with creaming as the first step.

I am not registered to have a name, but I am Caroline. I recently bought The Book and love it and your blog! I am so pleased that you answered me. :-)

Teena said...

Welcome Caroline! I hope you continue to enjoy The Book -- I know I have!