Monday, October 29, 2007

Liptauer Cheese (Page 8)

  • Date: Saturday, October 28, 2007 -- 12pm
  • Location: Bloomington, IN
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Recipe Rating: A-

This was the first recipe in The Book I hadn't made yet (now I have done the first 9 recipes in the first section). Admittedly I wasn't too excited about this recipe. Cream cheese with paprika, capers, anchovies, shallots, and caraway just did not sound good to me. Much to my surprise, it was delicious. I have been eating this stuff for days, smeared on bread. It spreads beautifully. The capers give it a lovely brininess, and the anchovies provide a lot of flavor without being overpowering. The shallots give a little crunch and onion goodness. It was very simple to make, has a nice color to it, and tastes great. If you are looking for a quick spread to serve with crackers or bread, I recommend this one!

Here is the recipe.

This week is going to be fun! Chris is coming to visit on Wednesday. I haven't seen him since the summer, and I am very much looking forward to spending time together. My guest room hasn't gotten much use lately, so it will be extra fun to have a visitor. Then on Friday we are going to drive together to Murfreesboro, Tennessee for the weekend where we are both speaking at a conference. It's going to be crazy fun because Mike and Vigleik will be there too, as well as a bunch of other friends we went to graduate school with! It will be a little MIT reunion.

In anticipation of Chris' arrival I have been trying to clean my apartment. It's not so messy, but I have been cooking so much lately that the kitchen is constantly a disaster. In the last 3 days I have made eight and half recipes from The Book -- which means many, many loads of dishes! Speaking of, I should be getting back to my cleaning!

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