Monday, October 22, 2007

Turkey Meat Loaf (Page 387)

  • Thursday, October 18, 2007 -- 8pm
  • Location: Bloomington, IN
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Dining Companion: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: B+

I like meat loaf quite a bit, so I was anxious to try out this turkey version. It was pretty good.t This recipe produced a moister and more flavorful meat loaf than the beefy old-fashioned meat loaf in The Book. I used more dark meat than light, which was good for both the flavor and texture of the dish. Although obviously the meat is the focus of a meat loaf, this recipe had a nice balance between the meat and the other components (onion, garlic, carrot, mushrooms, etc...). I would have appreciated more ketchup on top (that's the best part of any meat loaf!), but other than that, I wouldn't change it too much. My only serious complaint is with the suggested pairing of this meat loaf with the Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Sauce (see below). Both recipes were good, producing things that tasted good, but they really didn't go together well. The meatloaf would have been better served by some ketchup on the side, and the sauce would have better served by some pasta or grilled chicken underneath it.

Here is the recipe.

Much to my surprise, traveling to and from Los Angeles for the weekend went off without a hitch. The wedding on the other hand... Elliot and Natalie's wedding was scheduled for noon on Sunday in Malibu. Perhaps if you have seen/read the news in the last couple days you have noticed that Malibu is on fire. Sometime Saturday night wildfires swept through the area, and by 7am Sunday morning, much of Malibu was evacuated, and the main roads into Malibu were closed. In other words, a wedding in Malibu on Sunday was not to be. Amazingly, between 7am and noon the families involved were able to completely relocate the wedding to Santa Monica. It was shocking what a great job they did and how calm everyone was. Instead of an outdoor wedding at a mansion in Malibu, they had a wedding in a charming Mexican restaurant a block off the ocean in Santa Monica. It was really lovely.

Because the wedding was in a restaurant, not really designed to accommodate ceremonies for 150, everyone stood during the ceremony part. Matt and I stood in the back of the room, near the entrance to the restaurant. About 5 minutes into the ceremony I started to feel not-so-great. At first I was really thirsty, then really sweaty, and within a minute or two went completely vasovagal and passed out. Matt managed to help me outside right as I was losing consciousness, and I ended up as a heap on the sidewalk of Main Street. When I once again became aware of my surroundings, I was encircled by strangers who had been walking along the street and had stopped to help. Apparently I looked pretty bad. Some of them discussed with Matt whether an ambulance would be a good idea, while another woman bought me some orange juice. Everyone was very kind. Within 10 minutes I felt totally fine and we went back inside. I still have no idea why I fainted. It has been quite a while since I have passed out for no reason. It's lucky that we were in the back. Only 3 or 4 people saw me faint, and to my knowledge the bride and groom were never aware that anything had happened. Unfortunately though, I missed the vast majority of the ceremony. We went back in just as it was ending, and got to enjoy the last few minutes of it though.

Always an adventure!

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