Monday, November 26, 2007

Sticky Rice with Mango (Page 828)

  • Date: Saturday, November 24, 2007 -- 7pm
  • Location: Westerville, OH
  • Kitchen: Karen and Dave's House
  • Fellow Chefs: Matty and Brad
  • Dining Companions: Kenny, Gail, Deniz, Karen H, and Dave
  • Recipe Rating: A-

Brad is very interested in Indian cooking, and he made a delicious dinner of Indian food on Saturday night. I offered to make dessert to accompany it. Unfortunately there aren't any Indian desserts in The Book, so I went with something Thai. This sticky rice was awesome. It had a lovely, sticky texture, and a sweet, delicious, coconut milk flavor. I think everyone was pleasantly surprised by it. The mango slices were delicious when dripping with the coconut sauce. I learned something from my last sticky rice adventure, and this time I used a steamer lined with cheesecloth rather than a sieve in a pot, and it was much more successful. Two small comments: one, the sauce that the dish is finished with should be doubled. It's delicious, and there just isn't enough of it. Two, there could have been more coconut soaking liquid too. The rice rapidly absorbed what liquid there was. And although the rice didn't come out dry, it could have been moister. All that said, this recipe was delicious, and I highly recommend it!

Here is the recipe.

My special gentleman friend left this afternoon, and now I am feeling a bit down. Since I moved away, we usually see each other for a couple days every couple weeks, and I had adjusted to that schedule. This time he was here for ten days (!) though and I think I became confused. It was such a long visit that on some level I began to believe that we lived in the same place again. But then he packed up his clothes, and two coolers of homemade food from the freezer, and he went back to Boston.

I don't know what I am complaining about -- it's hardly a sad story: he and I will be at a wedding together this weekend in Alabama. So I will see him in four days. And in less than three weeks he will be here for seven weeks, which is about the best thing I can imagine!

People always say absence makes the heart grow fonder. For me that's not quite right. I was perfectly fond of my special gentleman before I moved away. I think absence makes the heart more appreciative. Or at least it certainly has for me.

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